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One of the reasons we moved three years ago was to be closer to family. We saw one of my brothers move back to HI almost two years ago, but we also welcomed one of my brother-in-laws and his significant other to the area. They are so good to our kids - whenever we have something family oriented, they always stop by to support. Last week, they came to my daughter's soccer game and watched her score three goals in her game.

Quick note on that game - her team is in an indoor league and is one of the two all-girl teams. They only have five girls playing (it's a 4-4 league) so the games have been a battle - first they are short-handed and second, are playing against coed or all-boy teams. They're team finished the fall league undefeated and this will hopefully, just toughen them up more and prepare them for some tough competition in spring. Anyway, Uncle K and Aunty M come to so many activities we decided we would try and return the favor so we did a 'heart attack' today!  Last year, we did a heart attack to my parents in Hawaii.  We cut out hearts a week early and a friend back home went and 'attacked' my parents - you can see the post here. [caption id="attachment_1446" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Valentine's Day Heart Attack Happy Valentine's Day[/caption] The boys tried drawing designs on the hearts and also, writing their own little messages - grateful for kindergarten and the skills they are learning.  Fun family activity!  Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

OK – I’m back!  Sorry for the hiatus.  The boys celebrated 100 Days of Kindergarten last week!  Both of their classes had great activities and dress-ups as part of their school day.  The boys had the most fun wearing ‘old man’ glasses and most of the kids came to school dressed up for the occasion.

Both boys wore their glasses all day - even when doing their homework before school

Both boys wore their glasses all day – even when doing their homework before school

Quick School Update: Both boys are doing so well – they are reading above grade level (one is reading on a level 12 and he is supposed to be on a 4), have had minimal ‘meltdowns’ and struggles at school, and both LOVE their teachers and classmates.  We’ve been extremely lucky to have great teachers and support groups around us.  We are tossing up moving to an autism school for first grade . . . . .it’s a tough decision, one I think both my wife and I are losing sleep over.

Twin B with some classmates on a field trip

Twin B with some classmates on a field trip

The boys have a great little group of friends and it’s been neat to see them come home with phone numbers or get invited on play dates and to birthday parties.  I know in this respect, we are blessed and lucky.  Last week, between a playdate we had at a local kids bouncehouse zoo and two other playdates, they spent time with 8 kids out of the classroom.  They go over to a few friends homes on a consistent basis and it’s been so neat to see not only their growth, but the awareness of autism with these families.

It's a madhouse having five boys over - we planned some activities to keep them busy

It’s a madhouse having five boys over – we planned some activities to keep them busy


I was asked to speak at an autism parent panel the other night.  I was happy I was asked but a little stressed since I don’t feel I have much to offer in the way of advice to parents, especially considering how young are kids are compared to most other parents that frequent the panel.  However, I think I do offer a unique perspective as a father who has spent an extensive (2+ yrs) amount of time home with the boys.

Our family is actually in the middle of a career change as well.  I’ve been interviewing with a few companies over the past three months and we feel lucky to have received a great work opportunity that’s close to home with a company I’m really excited about!  More to come on this decision!