Rise and Shout! BYU Women’s Soccer

Last year, we started taking the kids to BYU Athletic Activities.  My brothers and I grew up playing volleyball so our first ventures were to the BYU Men’s Vball Games.  My daughter and I have been going to Men’s Games for the past few years but this past year was the first time for the boys and the LOVED IT!

With Papa and da boyz Uncles at a vball game

With Papa and da boyz Uncles at a vball game

With the kids recent interest in soccer and all three of them really enjoying this fall season, we decided to venture out to a BYU Women’s Soccer Game.  Our one mistake with this plan was going to the game agains BYU’s rival – the Utah Utes so we ended up in a packed audience!  We usually pick ‘off-nights’ to try out new activities just so it’s easier to manage in case the situation is overwhelming for the boys but well . . . . no choice with this one.

Twin B chasing me with his Blue BYU Sword he got at dinner

Twin B chasing me with his Blue BYU Sword he got at dinner

Thank you to some gracious families who squeezed in so we could get some of the last seats on the last bleacher in the stadium!  We packed a ton of treats for the kids.  I feel bad having to bring treats and charged iphones but at the same time, I’d rather have the boys eating semi-healthy snacks from home versus the sugar and junk food at the games.  As far as the iPhones go, we usually make them watch an hour of something before we break out the phones. We were in the back of the student section so for any of our kids to see, they had to either stand or be carried by my wife and I so I give the kids credit for being gamers and not complaining during the game.

Go Cougars!  Future Cougars cheering the Blue & White to victory!

Go Cougars! Future Cougars cheering the Blue & White to victory!

There was a family behind us that I give a ton of credit to – they had a number of kids with them and were trying to watch the game without snacks, phones, or any other distractions.  Granted, it didn’t seem to be going too well but at the same time, it’s tough for kids to see others around them with phones or snacks and not have any.  That led into a long talk on the ride home about the kids and how to break them of their snacking / phone habits.  We usually try to over prepare for events in case we have a meltdown.   We can also get through church, drives, etc without any electronics and snacks but now, it’s time to help the boys through smaller activities – our daughter’s soccer games will be the first new activity this week.  They can usually last until half time . . . now to get them to the end of the game.  Any suggestions will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Sunset at South Field BYU

Sunset at South Field BYU

Our daughter’s games actually aren’t too bad – certain fields have playgrounds and the boyz can run around.  There’s just a few fields and after an hour of driving to get there, the boys are tired and cranky.  I guess we could leave them home with a babysitter but I think it’s important for all of us to cheer and support each other on as much as we can.

BYU pulled out a last second victory on a penalty kick – I’m glad they pulled out a win but wish games like this didn’t come down to a penalty called on one play on one individual.  At any rate, the kids celebrated the victory and we now have our first BYU Soccer Game in the books!

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  1. from the next-to-last pic in this post it looks like
    Twin A’s a “lefty” and Twin B’s right-handed !!
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

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