Family Vacation! St George Utah

We had an extremely busy summer.  Our daughter spent five weeks in Hawaii staying with her grandparents on Maui – tough life!  It was tough to see her gone for so long but at the same time, talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I’ll post more on it later.

Bryce Canyon!

Bryce Canyon!

Da Boyz spent all of June in their ABA program and all of July having Summer School a few days a week.  We had a few weeks of real ‘summer’ in August before school started and decided to take a vacation with our UT relatives down to St George Utah.

Short hike that's actually outside of Bryce Canyon - perfect for kids!

Short hike that’s actually outside of Bryce Canyon – perfect for kids!

Last summer, we came here and did a trip to Zions National Park.  This year, we decided to see the Mulan Show at Tuacahn and spend some time at Bryce Canyon – one of my favorite areas in Utah.  My wife is extremely happy that the boys actually like to hike.  While there is constant bickering and positioning over who will be ‘line-leader,’ it also means that our hikes are actually pretty fast paced since the boys are constantly running in front of each other.

Exploring on the outskirts of St George

Exploring on the outskirts of St George

I think the highlight for any trip as a kid is the hotel.  Tutu (our SLC grandma) picked a great hotel that had a nice pool for the kids to play in.  The boys LOVED the pool and it was PERFECT during the extremely hot and dry afternoons . . . .a little chilly at 9am when the boys want to go swimming but hey, kids will be kids, right?

Twin B's "Suicide" Jump Form

Twin B’s “Suicide” Jump Form

The kiddos love swimming and we have them in swim classes at a local rec center.  We end up buying a summer swim pass since we can stay at the pool for hours and the kids within five weeks, we usually hit our ROI figure.  Our highlight this year is the fact that the boys can do the ‘big slide’ by themselves and, for the most part, are self sufficient at getting around most of the pool.  Awesome progress!

I Love To See The Temple!

I Love To See The Temple!

One of my biggest regrets  of our time in CA is that we didn’t take advantage of the amazing outdoor escapes near us . . . . . the ocean . . .Yosemite . . . Lake Tahoe . . . . Redwoods .  . . etc.  I’m glad that we are able to do these trips and that the kids, for the most part, enjoy the activities.

Ah yes - boys will be boys

Ah yes – boys will be boys

Hope you all had a great summer!  It’s crazy to look back at pics of even a year ago and see how much these kiddos have grown . . . . where does the time go?  YIKES!

  1. Don’t BLINK or they’ll suddenly be TEENAGERS!!!
    Then you get to add CARS and DRIVING LESSONS
    into the mix!! CHEEHOO !!
    PS- love the “Suicide” jump in the pool !!
    Maybe he’ll get into hang-gliding or para-sailing later!
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

    • Mahalo Kimo! I’m excited to take them home and jump off Waimea Bay and all the other spots!

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