Pomp & Circumstance – Kindergarten Here We Come!

WOW!  I can’t believe how busy our summer was – I’ve decided I need to be better at posting and I’m going to spend Sunday’s doing posts on the boys. . . . since one of the purposes of this blog is to be a journal for our family.


Congratulations! Four years of ABA done!

Here’s CatchUp Post #1 – After four years of early intervention and 30 hours a week of ABA therapy, Da Boyz officially graduated from their current Autism Program and are headed to mainstream kindergarten.  We are extremely excited (and very nervous) for them and I am incredibly grateful for the amazing individuals and groups that have worked with our boyz.  I feel like we’ve met so many individuals that love and care for our boys as much as we do and for that, I’m extremely thankful for their support and tutelage along the way.

Graduation Leis, flower leis

We made graduation leis for the other graduates and teachers in the school . . . . love the colors!

I think I’ve learned a ton through 1-1 meetings with their teachers, parent conferences and trainings we have attended, and spending time in the school.  It is extremely hard and humbling to be the stay-at-home dad but at the same time, I look at what I’ve learned through these experiences and how much my relationship with my family has improved and I must say, I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to be with da boyz.


One of my nephews who came to support Da Boyz! We’ve got such a great support group around – blessed!

I know there will be struggles, headaches, and some tough days ahead in mainstream school but at the same time, I know that it’s the right thing to try at this time!


One of many awesome teachers who worked with our boys. Grateful for these professionals and experts who have made such a difference with our family

One nice chance will be having our boys closeby.  They’ve commuted to school for the past three years and it will be so nice to have them at the same school as Big Sis.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching this major milestone!
    You’ve made such HUGE investments in time and energy
    and the PAYOFF is that now your boyz will be on a MOSTLY
    level playing field instead of starting off handicapped! It
    will be exciting to discover how their INDIVIDUALITY starts
    showing up by being presented with the MULTITUDE of
    variables in full-size classroom settings! THANK-YOU for
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

    • Mahalo for reading! It’s been a year of growth and this year, will definitely be a year we need to really pay attention to them and watch their schooling. Glad we’ve got a strong support group – mahalo for your support as well!

  2. I think when it comes to having kids with autism, having a stay-at-home parent makes such a difference. You have done a terrific job. When my husband lost his job in the mid 1990s due to a plant closure, I started a daycare business, and continued it for a few years after he found work because he had a 30 percent cut in pay. But one day, I found out that the IEPs were not being followed as they should have been, and I attributed that to my busyness in my job. I quit daycare within a few months so that I could monitor what was going on with the kiddos. Shortly after I quit the day care job, I started working in the school cafeteria, which while not making as much money as the daycare business, allowed me to keep tabs on my kids and develop a closer relationship with their teachers.

    • Thanks so much for the thoughts – I totally agree. It’s been a financial struggle the past two years but hopefully, we can figure our way out of it. My wife is a SAINT and we do our best to be home with the kids. Easier said than done sometimes. 😦

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