Peter Pan: Utah Regional Ballet’s Performance for Special Needs Families

I am so grateful for programs and groups who have activities targeted to special needs children and families.  We ran into “Paul” at a BYU Volleyball Game a few weeks back.  He was one of the boys’ teachers last year and is heavily involved with the Utah Regional Ballet executive board and he mentioned there would be a special pre-open performance for families with special needs children.


Thanks Paul! At Utah Regional Ballet’s Performance of Peter Pan


I wasn’t sure how the boys would take a ballet performance.  Quite honestly, I think I’ve been to the Nutcracker once ages ago and I don’t remember too much of it.  However, the performance was Peter Pan and since the boys are familiar with the story, we took a chance.

We ended up running into a number of friends there. . . . . DJ from their class showed up and sat with the boys fourth row from stage right in the middle.  I think we were the loudest section.  We also saw a handful of kids from their school, a few other parents we’ve met through different autism functions, and even one of my college friends who I haven’t seen for 7 years was there with her son.

Utah Regional Ballet's Performance of Peter Pan

“Dad – I can see the ropes!” Nevertheless, they thought it was way cool

The boys really enjoyed the performance.  All three boys had Peter Pan hats on and they laughed and cheered.  We had bets going on whether or not the crocodile would be real or not and also, if we’d see Darth Vader or a storm trooper come out.

There were pockets of empty seats throughout the hall and I’m sure that if this becomes a consistent event, those seats will be gone quickly.  I am extremely that we were able to take our kids ~ now I know they will be interested in a show like this .  .  . though we’d need to work on our volume control!

Peter pan by the Utah Regional Ballet Group @ Covey Center Theater

Twin A trying to look cool. . . Twin B smiling big!

Thank you Paul . . . . Thank you to Utah’s Regional Ballet Group . . . . . we appreciate your consideration and hospitality!

  1. Grainne said:

    WOW are they ever growing fast!! What a great experience for them…I wish I could find things like this for my Colt. I’m not sure he’d sit through an entire performance but like your guys, he might just be captured. 🙂

    Your post made me smile today. I love this last pic. So sweet.

    • Thanks again! Honestly, there weren’t a ton of kids that sat through the entire performance . . . . . and we were pretty loud. I think if it had been 20 minutes longer, it would’ve really got wild.

  2. In that first photo of Paul and the three boys I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Twin B with such a HUGE smile before! They both seem to blossoming in personality as the months go by! Like I said in an earlier comment, I can see Twin A being in some sort of structure-and-rules-based occupation like a policeman. Twin B…. he sure is a “wildcard” !! Haven’t seen any clues yet about what drives him from the inside! They were so lucky to get a visit from Papa and Coco too! And we bloggers…. SO lucky to get TWO new posts in one week!!
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

  3. Colleen Wunder said:

    That’s great that you took the boys to a play. Theater and acting helps to broaden their horizons! Maybe they’ll be performers one day!

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