Rise and Shout! BYU Men’s Volleyball

Da Boys’ grandparents, Papa and Coco, were here for a few weeks visiting my sister and her baby, the newest additions to our family.  Their trip coincided with my brother’s work trip to Las Vegas and he came to spend a few days with us before heading back to Hawaii.  We decided that one night, we would take Papa to his first BYU Men’s Volleyball Game.  We took the boys to their first game a few weeks earlier (check out the post here) and they were excited to get to another game.

Showing off their verticals

Showing off their verticals

BYU Vball 2

Boys Love The “Y” and BYU. Whew!


My parents knew some players on the Univ of Hawaii’s Men’s team a few years back and they’d go to a few games a year on Oahu.  My brother’s and I played volleyball and even though we’ve all lived here for almost two years together, this was the first game the three of us were able to get too.

BYU Vball 3

Thanks for the memories!

My little nephew ‘Fela knows the BYU Fight song by heart and it’s been fun to see the boys learn it as well .  They were so excited to take pictures on the court and try and touch the net . . . . I feel very fortunate that we are able to do social activities like this with the boys and also, that BYU is so family friendly as a university.  Fun night.

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