Our Annual Soldier Hollow Trip!

They brought it back!  GroupOn has had a few “SCREAMING DEALS” that I hope they will run again and again.  The first was a pay 50% off Old Navy Coupon that they ran a few years ago and  I haven’t seen it since.  That was seriously the best school shopping trip ever.  🙂

The second is one for Soldier Hollow, a nearby recreation retreat in one of the valleys not too far from our home.  Besides having a great golf course, snowshoeing course, and hosting the Utah Dirty Dash that my wife and siblings ran in (check it out here). . . they also have a great tubing run that the kids love.

I love this picture - the kids were so happy!

I love this picture – the kids were so happy!

We went last year (here’s our post on it) and I was so happy to see the 50% off GroupOn for this winter.  We got enough passes to go twice – the first was a few weeks ago and the run was spectacular – fast and easy to move around in.  We went again this past weekend (the final weekend of the season) and the run was considerably slower and harder to move in.  Nevertheless, the kids loved it!

Twin B and Big Sis

Twin B and Big Sis

The biggest difference this year was Twin B enjoying himself.  Last year, I think he got some snow in his face on one of the first runs and he didn’t want to go again.  This year, he just kept saying, “let’s go again” and off we would go.  I mean really, the kid has it easy ~ I don’t think he got out of his tube once in two hours!  We’d pull him to the lift, he’d take the lift up throwing snowballs at me form his tube, and we’d pull him to the run and down we’d go!  Twin A, more often than not, insisted on getting out and pulling his own tube . . .  I looked back once and saw him walking by his mom on the way to the run . . . . one of my favorite scenes of the day.

Top of the run before heading down

Top of the run before heading down

I feel extremely lucky that we are able to hit up public events and places like this.  However, we do our best to prep the boys for things that are happening and we run try to be as prepared as we can to make the experience a good one for the boys:

  • Calendar Post: Once we secured the RSVP and time off from work, we put it on their calendar
  • Basic Needs: I mentioned this in a previous post but in a presentation we attended, the presenter (a social worker) said that when a kid is struggling and breaking down, one of the first things they do is make sure the child is fed and taken care of.  Likewise, we leave with treats and water and try and hit a convenient time between meals.  The second time we hit Soldier Hollow, we had a 12pm run and we didn’t have a good lunch. . . . there was a noticeable difference in the boys’ demenour
  • Crowd Control: We’ve been venturing out in our excursions but we still try and avoid extremely crowded and busy places.  Our first trip to Soldier Hollow was a weekday at 2pm and it was much more enjoyable for the boys
Family pic!

Family pic!

Again, I know that da boyz don’t have some of the severe sensory issues or social anxieties that other kids do yet we do our best to put them in a situation that they will have a good time and enjoy being there.  This is one of our favorite activities of the year and we are grateful we could go again!  Thank you GroupOn and Soldier Hollow for a fantastic outing!  We appreciate



  1. The advice about “basic needs” seems so obvious, but it ends up being so easy to forget. And not just with autistic children or those with sensory needs. Thanks for the reminder.
    The pictures are great. You can see how much fun your kiddos (and you, too!) were having.

    • Thanks! I know I definitely get grumpy when I’m hungry. 🙂

  2. Colleen Wunder said:

    love the family picture

  3. cathmae said:

    The photos of your kids are breathtaking! Your family demonstrates that autism and joy can co-exist.

    • Thank you so much! We have our moments but I will be honest, we have a fun and happy family life.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun! I love the family photo!! I haven’t even seen snow since I was in Canada about 10 years ago on a work trip!

    • Thanks! Well, it’s been nice the past week but it’s snowing and cold today . . . kind of wanting the warm weather right about now.

      • Yes, I totally get that. Even though its fun to see, I’m not so good in the cold, never have the right clothes to keep warm and I think my body goes into shock! Definitely a warm weather girl!

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