Utah Symphony – Special Needs Activities

I’m typing this as I listen to my wife play through the Les Miserables playlist (so looking forward to that movie).  We both play piano (actually, our first few dates were at the piano labs during our college years) and we both teach piano now.  She usually plays at night as the kids are going to bed.  There are some nights I’ll lie down with my boys and listen to her play . . . . . . . makes for a great evening.  She’s pretty excited for the new Les Miserables movie . . . . I think Hugh Jackman might be a small part of the reason. . . . .

While we are both excited for the movie, my wife may have some secondary motives to seeing it! Image from google.com

One of our most recent escapades was to see Jon Schmidt and The Piano Guys at an outdoor concert at Thanksgiving Point DURING A LIGHTNING STORM!  I was actually really hoping they’d cancel the concert before we left the house.  We came prepared though, we wore layers and sat under a tarp as the rain and lightning would break off and on during the concert.

Gorgeous and I at the Piano Guys Concert. Awesome night!

I don’t think anyone left the concert and when all was said and done, it was an AWESOME concert and the weather added to the experience.  A lot of families were in attendance and the kids left looking like they had left the best ride at Disneyland~ it’ll be one of those family experiences they talk about for years.  Seriously, how many people are going to be able to say they sat in a spectacular venue watching a great group in a lightning storm?

They were featured on the Today show a little while back.  This link, as well as the picture below, will take you to their most popular video . . . .pretty creative.  I personally LOVE their rendition of Over the Rainbow since it was filmed in HI at placed my wife and I both know.

Piano Guys

Check out this video ~ they are awesome! (photo from Piano Guys Website)

Now, how to really share our love for music with the kids?  Well, a music concert for special needs individuals can get tricky since you’ve got sensory issues to work with + the fact that if your kids are like mine, a two hour concert may get a little long for them.  That is why the Utah Symphony Concert is such a great opportunity.

Utah Symphony and Orchestra - picture courtesy of their webpage

The Utah Symphony Orchestra puts on a Special Needs Concert once a year for families like ours and this will be our third year in attendance.  It is fantastic ~ the concert usually last an hour and we don’t need to worry about our kids ‘distracting’ from the experience of others.  In fact, one year Twin A was so tuned into the concert that he was imitating the conductor and having the time of his life.  Meanwhile, Twin B looks over at me and says “Daddy, I’m bored” then starts to fake snore through the piece.  He had our half of our section laughing.

At the Utah Symphony Concert at Capital City Theater

I posted about our experience last year and honestly, can’t tell you how appreciative I am of this opportunity.  My wife and I love music. . . .it’s a big part of our life. . . . . and we are so grateful that there is a venue and program specifically made for us to share that with our children.  In fact, after our experience two years ago, we bought tickets to Peter Pan and the kids LOVED it.  I don’t think we would’ve taken that chance had it not been for this concert.

They take turns playing for Family Night.

If you are in Utah, please see the main page and RSVP for the event!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

  1. I have a 2-CD set of the Original London Cast Recording of Les Miserables that I’m no longer using since I loaded it into my iTunes on the computer. Would you be interested in having it? (sorry… no Hugh Jackman on/in it!)
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

    • Hey! Mahalo for the offer but she has the CDs and its on her work playlist. She does a lot of computer work so she has some massive playlists. Mele kalikimaka! Best to you and yours

  2. Les Mis is the Greatest!!! I’ve seen it twice and will see it again! 6 of the kids and me will see the Nutcracker tomorrow. Noah’s debut as an audience member at his first grown-up ballet. We took him a couple years ago to Not Afraid of the Dark – and he loved it. It’s so nice to be able to join the rest of the world from time to time, isn’t it?

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