ESPN – Kick of Hope

Who would’ve thought my wife watched something on ESPN before I did and who would’ve thought she’d be in tears after watching it?  This is a fantastic story about Anthony Starego ~ an autistic high school student who is the kicker on his football team.  Check it out by clicking the picture below or clicking here.  

Anthony Starego ~ Autistic place kicker

Anthony Starego ~ Place Kicker & Autistic Athlete! screenclip from

USA TODAY also did an interview with Anthony that you can read here.  What a great story!  His favorite college team even had him on field to kick some field goals during a practice and honored him with a custom jersey.  Classy . . .  and very very cool.  I bet this is something that Anthony will never forget!

Anthony Starego, Autism, Rutgers

Getting his own Rutgers Jersey. Screenshot from


I mentioned we’ve had our boys in a soccer league.  We are on hiatus for the winter and it’s been a fun, and challenging experience.  There are some things we picked up throughout the year but their coach has been fantastic and hey, maybe they’ll be star athletes like Anthony!  🙂

Autism + Soccer

Striking a pose – this is their first practice where they got their uniforms

If you want to see another awesome story ~ check out anything on Clay Marzo.  I mentioned him a few blogposts, ESPN did an article on him, and there’s even a special from ABC NEWS.  I’ll be mentioning him in a few upcoming posts, found out about more surfing groups and autism!  Stay tuned!


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  1. Colleen Wunder said:

    very touching and inspiring

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