HELP THEM WIN! Surfers Healing – Autism Group!

CAST YOUR VOTE!  Chase Bank is sponsoring the American Giving Awards and one of the charities on the list is Surfer’s Healing.  Based in San Juan Capistrano and founded by a couple with an autistic son, Surfer’s Healing’s mission is to provide autistic individuals with an opportunity to connect with the ocean through surfing.

VOTE NOW!  HELP A GREAT CAUSE! Pic from Surfer's Healing

VOTE NOW! HELP A GREAT CAUSE! Pic from Surfer’s Healing

I’ve mentioned how much I love the ocean in previous posts and how well my boys did with their visit back home to Maui.

Surfing @ Launiupoko / It's a Wunderful Life

Taking Twin A out on the surfboard

The idea that autistic individuals find the ocean therapeutic is one that I support and there are many cool stories about this.  There was a great documentary sponsored by Patagonia called “Come Hell or High Water” that talks about the evolution of bodysurfing, it’s raw and deep connection with the ocean and nature, and stories of autistic kids and their connection to the water.  Another individual I’ve mentioned before is Clay Marzo, professional surfer who has asbergers.

Anyway, PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS GREAT CHARITY!  Let’s show our support and . . . .ALOHA FRIDAY!  🙂

At Launiupoko, Maui

At Launiupoko, Maui

  1. Lisa said:

    Voted for them yesterday! I remembered your earlier post about the boys. 🙂

  2. tightcalfrunner said:


  3. I have Asperger’s Syndrome and, until now, I never fully understood my infatuation with water. Thank you homesicklocal for allowing me to learn yet more about Autism. I love your blog.

    • Thank you! Your last post was outstanding – very well written. Hope you get to the water often. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and visit. Your last post was outstanding . . . . very well written. So glad I read it. Hope you are able to get to the water often! 🙂

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