Quality Time When You Are Outnumbered

I mentioned a few posts back that the boys are in the same school class this year.   It’s been good for them to learn to ‘get along’ with each other better.  However, we’ve seen an increase in arguments and meltdowns when they are always together.  For example ~ every Monday at gym, without fail, one of them will want to tag too closely to the other, while the other twin is trying to rush through each station to get some separation from the first rain. This usually leads to a small meltdown spent as a five minute ‘break’ session sitting with my wife or I on the sidelines.

Star Wars Angry Birds, It's a Wunderful Life

Talk about smart timing ~ release the new Star Wars Angry Birds 6 weeks before Santa’s arrival? Grrrrrr . . . . .. .

These types of occurrences have increased and in talking with their teachers, one recommended we do more 1-1 breaks with them.  Our daughter usually gets some 1-1 time since her schedule is different than our boys but we decided that we’d try and take, individually, each kid out once a month with each parent.  We thought about having grandma help us so we could take all three kids out at once and they would each get 1-1 time with an adult.  This would make planning INCREDIBLY easier. However, we decided against it because we want our daughter and the twin staying home to have some 1-1 sibling time together since there’s some friction there as well.

It's a Wunderful Life, Star Wars Angry Birds

Showing off his Star Wars Angry Bird Pack . . . . and the one he chose for his brother

I got my first boyz night out with Twin A and his choice of destinations was . . . . .  Toys R Us to ‘look’ at Mario and Angry Bird Toys.  My boys love to wear their hoods so he told me to wear my hood when we were out since my head would get cold without it ~ thus the picture with the hood.  Not a normal occurrence believe me . . . .It was fun to watch Twin A do things that he wanted to do . . . play with the train display all by himself . . . . go wherever he wanted to go.  When we left the house, Twin B was upset and in tears that he couldn’t come and he would be the last one (we went chronologically by age) to go on his “field trip” with mom or dad.  Remembering this, Twin A decided to buy a small Star Wars Angry Bird pack that he could also get for his brother . . . .  that was neat to see.

It's a Wonderful Life - Date Night with Mom

Twin B FINALLY Got His “Field Trip”

The boys have been watching the Star Wars Angry Bird clips on YouTube so we are borrowing the original Star Wars and will watch it soon as a ‘family activity.’  Thanks for the fun night out kiddo!  Love Ya!

  1. That’s cool to have a night out with your child. I have been thinking of doing something similar with my sons.

  2. Colleen Wunder said:

    Your followthrough with your ideas about one on one time is such a great example. Especially when one twin starts to feel left out, it’s easy to give in and just take them all at once.

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