Full House? No Problem

We’ve seen such a transition with the boys ~ they still don’t have many ‘friends’ that will have them over but when we have their cousins over or families with friends their age, they can disappear for hours with minimal ‘issues’ arising.  This family is one such family ~ great kids and we always have a fun time when they are over.  The kids are awesome ~ I see them playing around the neighborhood and the six year old and three year old, in particular, will always come running over to say hi.

Marshmallow Frosty, Holiday OT Ideas

Kids were so into this activity – see the last pic on this post for what happened in a similar activity 2 yrs ago! 🙂

My wife came home with the kids at lunch on Saturday and said, “hey uh so, we’re gonna babysit the (name) kids in a few hours.”  She spent a few minutes on Pinterest, got an activity, and off we went to the store for some supplies.

My wife settled on this Frosty activity and she had all eight kids sitting at our kitchen table making their own snowmen.  For the most part, the only thing I did for any of the kids was draw three circles for their Frosty Outline.  Other than that, they did everything by themselves.

Great and easy activity.  We found a holiday Kung Fun Panda (the kids LOVE Kung Fu Panda) so between pizza, making chocolate covered pretzels, Frosty, and Kung Fu Panda, the kiddos were entertained and had a great time.  We’ve also been doing our ‘family bed’ (bring out mattresses and layout beds in our basement in front of the TV) which the boys LOVE so it was a fun few days.

Family Bed!

I did find this picture from two years ago when we did a similar activity for Halloween . . . . Twin B was in tears because he couldn’t eat the marshmallows.  No tears this time.  This picture breaks my heart but makes me crack up at the same time. . . . . “What do you mean I can’t eat the marshmallows?!?!?!?!?”  Poor kiddo

Twins - It's a Wunderful Life Halloween Ghost

Poor kiddo. He looks so sad!

Happy Holidays!  Share your holiday activities please!  We are always looking for good ideas.

  1. Anne Wingate said:

    You make me homesick for my childhood, when my cousins and my siblings and I had one of our rare get-togethers. Each of two sisters, my mother and my aunt, had a child within a few weeks of the other FOUR TIMES IN A ROW, so each of us had his or her own cousin. My cousin was Don, but other than that each set of cousins was same-sex. Unfortunately Lee and his cousin Leslie couldn’t stand each other, but otherwise each set of cousins was very close. One year my mother was expecting child number 5 and my aunt, for a wonder, wasn’t expecting, so first my aunt’s children spent two weeks with us and then we spent two weeks with my aunt, expecting that my mother would give birth during the two weeks we were with my aunt. Unfortunately she was running late, but we kids had a wonderful time. Lee and Leslie each went off alone, but the other six of us spent a month going around hand-in-hand with our personal cousin. Ah me! Don and I were ten years old then, and now we’re 69. But you’re building, for your children and their friends and cousins, the kinds of memories that will sustain them in old age as these memories sustain us.

    • What a great thought~ thank you for shaing and happy holidays

  2. Wish you lived closer! Your twins would love my five crazy characters!

  3. Lisa said:

    We do gingerbread houses and cookie decorating. We also load everyone in the van and drive around looking at lights. We do the family night in the basement with holiday themed movies, too.

    • The kids LOVE our basement nights. In CA, we would set up Christmas lights around the room so it was really cool. I need to do that here. We should try gingerbread houses this year! Thx for the idea ~ slipped my mind. Happy Holidays!

  4. Love it! Especially the family bed. Might have to start doing that here – the kids would love it!

    • Our kids have a blast! My neck always hurts for a few days after we finish but it is a ton of fun! Happy Holidays!

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