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CAST YOUR VOTE!  Chase Bank is sponsoring the American Giving Awards and one of the charities on the list is Surfer’s Healing.  Based in San Juan Capistrano and founded by a couple with an autistic son, Surfer’s Healing’s mission is to provide autistic individuals with an opportunity to connect with the ocean through surfing.

VOTE NOW!  HELP A GREAT CAUSE! Pic from Surfer's Healing

VOTE NOW! HELP A GREAT CAUSE! Pic from Surfer’s Healing

I’ve mentioned how much I love the ocean in previous posts and how well my boys did with their visit back home to Maui.

Surfing @ Launiupoko / It's a Wunderful Life

Taking Twin A out on the surfboard

The idea that autistic individuals find the ocean therapeutic is one that I support and there are many cool stories about this.  There was a great documentary sponsored by Patagonia called “Come Hell or High Water” that talks about the evolution of bodysurfing, it’s raw and deep connection with the ocean and nature, and stories of autistic kids and their connection to the water.  Another individual I’ve mentioned before is Clay Marzo, professional surfer who has asbergers.

Anyway, PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS GREAT CHARITY!  Let’s show our support and . . . .ALOHA FRIDAY!  🙂

At Launiupoko, Maui

At Launiupoko, Maui


I mentioned a few posts back that the boys are in the same school class this year.   It’s been good for them to learn to ‘get along’ with each other better.  However, we’ve seen an increase in arguments and meltdowns when they are always together.  For example ~ every Monday at gym, without fail, one of them will want to tag too closely to the other, while the other twin is trying to rush through each station to get some separation from the first rain. This usually leads to a small meltdown spent as a five minute ‘break’ session sitting with my wife or I on the sidelines.

Star Wars Angry Birds, It's a Wunderful Life

Talk about smart timing ~ release the new Star Wars Angry Birds 6 weeks before Santa’s arrival? Grrrrrr . . . . .. .

These types of occurrences have increased and in talking with their teachers, one recommended we do more 1-1 breaks with them.  Our daughter usually gets some 1-1 time since her schedule is different than our boys but we decided that we’d try and take, individually, each kid out once a month with each parent.  We thought about having grandma help us so we could take all three kids out at once and they would each get 1-1 time with an adult.  This would make planning INCREDIBLY easier. However, we decided against it because we want our daughter and the twin staying home to have some 1-1 sibling time together since there’s some friction there as well.

It's a Wunderful Life, Star Wars Angry Birds

Showing off his Star Wars Angry Bird Pack . . . . and the one he chose for his brother

I got my first boyz night out with Twin A and his choice of destinations was . . . . .  Toys R Us to ‘look’ at Mario and Angry Bird Toys.  My boys love to wear their hoods so he told me to wear my hood when we were out since my head would get cold without it ~ thus the picture with the hood.  Not a normal occurrence believe me . . . .It was fun to watch Twin A do things that he wanted to do . . . play with the train display all by himself . . . . go wherever he wanted to go.  When we left the house, Twin B was upset and in tears that he couldn’t come and he would be the last one (we went chronologically by age) to go on his “field trip” with mom or dad.  Remembering this, Twin A decided to buy a small Star Wars Angry Bird pack that he could also get for his brother . . . .  that was neat to see.

It's a Wonderful Life - Date Night with Mom

Twin B FINALLY Got His “Field Trip”

The boys have been watching the Star Wars Angry Bird clips on YouTube so we are borrowing the original Star Wars and will watch it soon as a ‘family activity.’  Thanks for the fun night out kiddo!  Love Ya!

We’ve seen such a transition with the boys ~ they still don’t have many ‘friends’ that will have them over but when we have their cousins over or families with friends their age, they can disappear for hours with minimal ‘issues’ arising.  This family is one such family ~ great kids and we always have a fun time when they are over.  The kids are awesome ~ I see them playing around the neighborhood and the six year old and three year old, in particular, will always come running over to say hi.

Marshmallow Frosty, Holiday OT Ideas

Kids were so into this activity – see the last pic on this post for what happened in a similar activity 2 yrs ago! 🙂

My wife came home with the kids at lunch on Saturday and said, “hey uh so, we’re gonna babysit the (name) kids in a few hours.”  She spent a few minutes on Pinterest, got an activity, and off we went to the store for some supplies.

My wife settled on this Frosty activity and she had all eight kids sitting at our kitchen table making their own snowmen.  For the most part, the only thing I did for any of the kids was draw three circles for their Frosty Outline.  Other than that, they did everything by themselves.

Great and easy activity.  We found a holiday Kung Fun Panda (the kids LOVE Kung Fu Panda) so between pizza, making chocolate covered pretzels, Frosty, and Kung Fu Panda, the kiddos were entertained and had a great time.  We’ve also been doing our ‘family bed’ (bring out mattresses and layout beds in our basement in front of the TV) which the boys LOVE so it was a fun few days.

Family Bed!

I did find this picture from two years ago when we did a similar activity for Halloween . . . . Twin B was in tears because he couldn’t eat the marshmallows.  No tears this time.  This picture breaks my heart but makes me crack up at the same time. . . . . “What do you mean I can’t eat the marshmallows?!?!?!?!?”  Poor kiddo

Twins - It's a Wunderful Life Halloween Ghost

Poor kiddo. He looks so sad!

Happy Holidays!  Share your holiday activities please!  We are always looking for good ideas.

I feel so guilty NOT blogging.  I actually love to update this blog and post things but I’ve had more consistent work with a great company (if you love crafting, check out so between the holiday rush for Oh My Crafts, being the ‘stay at home’ dad, piano students, and working on an online store (more to come on that in a future post) life has been busy.

great place to be at

Great Company! Grateful for the opportunity to be there

Thanksgiving: On a thankful note, I am so thankful for my family and the things we are blessed with.  Someone once told me that he felt bad we’ve gone through so much crap.  There are always days where things can seem pretty heavy but when I really think about it, I have so much to be thankful for.  I have an amazing wife who I  love and adore, three kiddos that mean the world to me, and our home life is a blast.  We seriously have a TON of laughter in our home and it’s fun to hear.  That’s what’s important.

I am also thankful for all of you and your blogs.  I enjoy reading about your accomplishments and celebrate them!  I read about hard times you are going through and wish I could tell you how you’ve got a friend cheering you on and wishing the best for you.  Thank you for sharing your lives and experiences with me!

The boys have been doing well at school.  Last year, we had them in separate classes so they would both progress and learn without hindering each other.  However, during the summer, we noticed they had some problems playing together.  So this year, they are in the same class and that has been both a blessing and on some days, a curse.  We got them matching shoes and that threw a kink in the regime with the teachers.  The boys always had different shoes so even if they wore the same outfit, the teachers could tell them apart.  However, I think most of the teachers are able to tell them apart now.  Their classmates well . .  . that’s a different story.  It is funny to see their classmates  always asking them, “what’s your name?”

With the boys being together so much, we’ve had to do more activities to give them their ‘own identity’ and I’ll get into that in the next post.

Fun Game

My mother in law spends an afternoon here with us doing activities with the kids.  She brought over a fantastic BINGO activity she got online.  I’m not sure which one she used exactly but it was good for the kids. . . .tough the first time around for them to watch the other get a BINGO and they may not have one yet but I think they are starting to understand it a little more.

its a wonderful life thankful tree

Our “Thankful” Tree

We’ve also been raiding Pinterest for holiday activities.  (Follow me here if you’d like). This was our “Thankful Tree.”  It is always interesting to hear what the kids are thankful for.  Our goal is to do this each year and collect these trees as the years go by.

it's a wonderful life thankful tree, OT Activities

Gluing the ‘leaves’ on the tree

We also did a “Frosty the Snowman” activity that I’ll put in a future post.  What I loved about all of these activities was that it combined something the boys were working with in OT with a fun holiday theme.  From cutting, tracing their hands, gluing the marshmallows, writing their names, shaking the glitter ~ we had a range of activities.  It also got some discussion going on what they are thankful for (Angry Birds, glue, Mario Kart) which was fun to do.

it's a wonderful life - thankful tree

Writing his name. Pincher grip is getting better!

As we head into, what I consider to be my favorite time of the year, I can’t help but feel thankful for these two and all the growth they’ve seen. We have our tough days (what family doesn’t) but these two boys have grown up so much this year and I’ve got to experience a lot of it firsthand.  For that, I’ll always be grateful.