Trunk or Treat

Man I love this picture.  All three of them are looking at the camera and SO HAPPY.  Plus, they have their arms around each other!

There was no question what the boys would be for Halloween and it’s perfect for twins, no?  My wife has made ALL of their previous Halloween costumes (she’s awesome) so we decided we’d be ok buying them for once.

My wife found the Luigi costume on clearance a few weeks back and interestingly enough, Twin B didn’t complain or cry that we didn’t have his Mario costume.  He’s the one that this would usually be a huge problem for.  The boys and I have been trying to find Mario and finally did, but it was OVER $40 at the local party store.  WOW!   We went online and found it for a little more than half that!

Kids in Mario and Luigi for Halloween

A 50’s Girl with her Twin Mario Brothers

It’s a good thing we ordered it early because our church trunk or treat was this past weekend and fortunately, Mario came in the day before the activity. . . . I was sweating it there for a bit.

The boys LOVED their costume.  My wife and mother in law made my daughter’s skirt for a 50’s themed party and she LOVES it so we really haven’t broken the tradition of my wife making their outfits.  🙂

The boys did so well at the trunk or treat.  They even sat on the car with me and handed out candy with comments like “you are a cute ghost” ~ “hey, you are a funny monster.”  Fun night.  I love this picture.

  1. LOVE Mario and Luigi!!! Brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood…

    • I never thought I’d have a little Mario and Luigi for Halloween but hey, as long as they are happy. 🙂

  2. Lisa said:

    What a terrific picture of your 3 kids!! Glad that they did well at the trunk or treat!

    • THANKS! The boys were so excited ~ it’s fun to see when they ‘get’ something and are anxiously waiting for it to happen.

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