Someone to Look Up To

Everybody needs a friend.  . . . . no one can get through this life alone.  Well, I guess you can but you’ll miss out on so much!  I think the thing I struggle and stress about the most is how my boys will ‘get along’ with and make connections with other people.  The social connections are where most autistic individuals struggle and as a parent, I HOPE AND PRAY that they will have great individuals around them who will be supportive of them.

The kiddos were out of school for a few days this past week and we went with grandma and some friends to Moab, UT.  Here’s a picture of da boys with their 11 yr old pal, A.

What an awesome picture

The ENTIRE trip A road in our car, the BOY car.  He would walk with the boys, hold their hands as they walked through the streets, sit next to them at dinner, buckle them in, play their games with them, and wait for them on the hikes.  A’s mom bought him a hat one morning and when we went souvenir shopping later that night, the ONLY thing da boys wanted was a hat like A.  Look at Twin A in the picture – arm on A’s shoulder with the happiest and biggest smile imaginable.

To A ~ thank you for being a great pal for the boys and for making this trip memorable for all of us.  I appreciate your friendship with the boys and hope and pray there are more people like you out there.  Your friendship to them means so much, this picture proves it.  Mahalo!

  1. Lisa said:

    I love this. Those connections are so important!!

    • Absolutely! It was neat to see the boys get so excited to be with someone

  2. Cyn said:

    Wow that is amazing and so special. What an incredible young man to do this and to give some special memories to your boys….and to you. Thx for sharing this!

  3. Mr. Miller said:

    Good read. It’s always good to see kids as young as ‘A’ stepping up and doing such a wonderful thing.

    • Thank you! He’s a great kid and we are lucky to know him.

  4. Colleen Wunder said:

    heartfelt comments about mentors. I don’t think you’ll have to worry much about good friends. Boys will develop friendships in their own way.

    • let’s hope not. They are excited to see “Daddy’s Mom.” We are working on that right now.

    • Thanks! “A” comes to our house for piano lessons and the boys were so excited to see him it was awesome. Fun trip!

  5. They look so happy! Lovely photo, glad they had a nice time.

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