Carol Grey Seminar


Glad to be at the social story seminar by the world leader Carol Grey. I will summarize it in upcoming posts! Thanks to those who made it possible for myself and a few other parents to come

  1. Cyn said:

    Looking forward to reading about this because we have just begin using some social stories with our son.

  2. She started out in the county next door to our county. It was a blessing to go toher seminars over 10 years ago, and they were very helpful to my family and kids. Her materials on bullying should be required reading for all parents of autistic kids and for their educational team.

    • I can see why they were helpful. I’ll have to check out her material on bullying

  3. Eager to hear about the highlights on her presentation…… OR the soccer team…. OR the weekly gymnastics class…. OR how the new school and teachers is going!!
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

    • Hah hah – Aloha Kimo and thanks for all the support!

  4. Life&Ink said:

    Oh I love Carol. I have been going to see her since ’96 or ’97? Gosh so long ago now I can’t even remember! At one point, when school life wasn’t so good, I contemplated moving to Jenison, MI so my son could go to school with her! She has so much practical, useful advice and her social stories will help. So glad she is there to help you too! 🙂

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