Thought I’d repost this from our family blog site. Fun weekend!

Wunder Ohana

It looks like the only time I really post on this blog is when we are doing a run.  It’s been a little over 4 months since I injured my knee and while I think that my knee has come a long way, I also feel like I’ve hit a bit of a wall with my recovery – still some slight numbness in my shin, my hamstring is constantly tight, and I get slight pain and uncomfortableness in my knee.

I blew my knee out two days before the Color Me Radd run that my wife and daughter did so I was extremely excited to be able to go on The Color Run with them.  We had some of our good friends with us and it was a great day!  The kids did extremely well!

We ran into a family we know from our boys’ old autism program ~ they…

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  1. Lisa said:

    That looks like a lot of fun!! I know my oldest and youngest would love it…my middle son, our autistic son, not so sure…hmmm…Hope your knee continues to heal!!

    • Thanks! I went to a new guru this past week and got acupuncture . . . . . .yikes! We didn’t take the twins to the Color Run but we did run into another family we know from our last autism school. Their little boy seemed to handle it ok (though they carried him the entire 5K) so . . . . . we may attempt it next year. 🙂

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