Happy B’day Boyz!

I had a conversation once with a friend about where we were on 9/11 and how we will never forget that day.  My wife and I were living in Japan and true to the conversation, I can remember exactly what I was doing when I first saw the news feed of the towers.

I am thankful for the freedom and life that I enjoy and thank those who protect that for me.  I am beyond grateful and wish I could express how thankful I am for those blessings in my life.  Now, 9/11 holds an even greater meaning for me since it’s the Boyz Bday.  Now, it’s a remembrance of lives lost and lives started . . . a day of remembrance and a celebration of life.

Were they really that little? Seems like such a long time ago

We will hold some small festivities tonight for the boys with a small party on the weekend.  It’s funny now that since both boys read calendars and are getting a better grasp on the concept of time, they have literally been counting down the days until today.  There’s no way we could NOT do something today.  Can you imagine being five and being told, “Hey no, you gotta wait until a more convenient time to celebrate your bday.” As they often tell me, “that would be a bad idea.”

Now look at them . . . all grown up. 🙂

It’s been a blast watching these two grow up and become best friends . . . well, and worst enemies somedays.  I have days where I seriously question why our world got flipped upside down and now I’m the stay at home dad.  However, I look at my relationship now with the boys and am grateful that I’ve had time at home with them . . . . that I’ve spent hours at school with them . . . . that I now have a better relationship with both of them.  I NEVER would’ve had that if I hadn’t had this past year at home with them.  For that, I’ll always be grateful.  Interesting how things work out, no?

Best Buddies

I love having these two in my life . . . I am lucky to be their dad . . . and I wish you two a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a great year!  I am honored to be your dad and love you more than you could ever know.  Bday pics later!  Time to get ready for a party!  🙂

  1. “that would be a bad idea” Haha! Love it!
    Happy Birthday, boys!

  2. cathmae said:

    Your joy is contagious! Happy Birthday to your boys, wand warms wishes to you and their mom!

  3. Lisa said:

    Happy Birthday to your boys!! Enjoy their special day!

  4. da Boyz sure do radiate JOY from their faces! they’re both making such good eye-contact in photos now… this has obviously been a ground-breaking year for them!

    I realize that two 5-year olds can be quite a handful, and I have been missing your posts so much during the last couple months. Your stories are engaging, informative and the comments with your photos are just tooooo funny! I know you need to choose how you spend your time wisely, so I can’t “demand” that you get back to posting weekly…. BUT… I would like to share how VALUABLE your posts were to a pair of 8-year old twin boys here in Honolulu…. one with Down Syndrome.

    On behalf of their mother I started a new blog back in June… HawaiiTwins… and started telling their story, as well as asking for ideas and help. From the very first time I met Ceth I suspected he’s a LOT smarter than he behaves…. crafty enough to know exactly how to keep life pretty much the way he wants it… not too demanding, and with lots of white rice! We/She got your email with the Angry Bird charts and she started searching for more and more “tools” to help him since he’s just starting 3rd grade but can only write short words, doesn’t count past 50 and has difficulty getting his messages across to everyone but his twin (who often acts as “translator”).

    Anyway, I remember seeing your Boyz in a photo with an iPad and you spoke highly about it. I had a long talk with Primrose (the mom) and convinced her to get one for Ceth…. you won’t guess what happened!!!! They got the apps from school loaded on it and the very first time they did the exercises at home he raced through it, so half an hour later they tested him to spell, write and say all the words on paper…. he did it like LIGHTNING…. his parents were in a state of SHOCK!! They just kept looking at him and back and forth at each other…. this kid who’s been “playing” his parents for all it’s worth with his disability is probably with some tutoring (and more iPad apps) going to catch up with all the other 3rd graders!!!

    And it’s all thanks to the ideas and suggestions we found in your posts… even the ones on your wife’s blog which go waaaay back. ALL OF IT HAS HELPED SAVE THE LIFE OF A KID THE DOCTORS SAID WOULD LIVE LIFE AS A VEGETABLE. His parents are completely committed to help him overcome as much as possible but we had no idea where to turn for support… having lived in the Hawaiian Islands you know exactly what I’m talking about. You wouldn’t think we’d have the same problem on O’ahu in HUGE Honolulu, but it’s extremely hard to find and connect with others on the spectrum here. Anyway, your ideas from the classes you sat in on with da Boyz took root over here and Ceth’s parents are both elated to know he’s a clever little bugger hiding his brilliance under a bushel… that is, until he got an iPad of his own!

    The parents are SO busy with him now that they don’t have the time to write more posts, so HawaiiTwins may just go to sleep for awhile. I definitely want her to blog about their fantastic new journey with Ceth since he revealed how smart he really is! It would help some other parents confronted with the roadblocks associated with kids on the spectrum. If her words could help one more struggling parent it would be complete…. as a spiritual principle she needs to “give away” the blessing bestowed upon her.

    Anyway, I apologize for making this such a ridiculously long COMMENT but I’m hoping that other parents searching for help and answers will run across your blog, see a comment/feedback like this and get a sense that everything we’re sharing helps make MIRACLES COME TRUE!

    Thank-you, from the bottom of my heart!
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

    • That’s a great comment – thanks for sharing. I may use it as a post! 🙂

      I’ve noticed the Hawaii Twins blog hasn’t been updated as often either . . . . .glad the iPad and extra learning are keeping everyone busy. That’s an awesome story and I’m glad that things are going well for the kiddos.

      It is harder to find resources back home . . . . I’ve considered moving back and starting something for autism on Maui but it’s more of a dream right now than a functional goal. We seem to have a couple of activities to choose from a month. The boys started their new school this past week and we’ve got a support group tonight and a training next week. I’ll probably post the training materials since it’s supposed to be a generalized training for parents with kids and special needs.

      Glad to know that the ideas are helping – I’ll start posting ideas again now that we are back in school and the swing of things. We’ve been working on some angry bird games and ideas for the kids – I think you’ll laugh when you see the post on it next week. I’m interested to see if it gets the boys coordination and cooperative skills working more . . . . you’ll see

      We have a party for them coming up this weekend and we’ve invited four or five of their friends from their last school. It’ll be nice to see everyone since I think of the five, four of them have left for different schools and programs.

      Hope all is well! Thanks for the comment and great hearing about all that’s going on in your life. If PrimRose needs more material or anything, let me know ~ I’ll try to dig up stuff and send them on.



      • Jenny said:

        Wow, what an amazing story! As “da Boyz'” mom, I usually don’t comment on my husband’s posts – this is his blog and he does an incredible job! But as I’m reading this comment at work and bawling my eyes out, I just wanted to let you know how much this story has touched me. I know the indescribable joy a parent feels when you see your child reach a goal that you were afraid to hope for. I am so happy for all of you and your precious Ceth. Best wishes and all our aloha to you as you continue on this journey rediscovering this amazing little boy!

      • Mahalo! If we can’t find here the committed teachers and school systems like you have, at least we can benefit from the teaching ideas you pick up from the Boyz’ classes and share here on the your wonderful… I mean WUNDERful blog!!

        • You guys are awesome. We’ll have to get together the next time we are on Oahu

  5. Beautiful post and adorable boys. Happy birthday to them both 🙂

  6. Cyn said:

    Happy Birthday to your awesome little boys:) Wow they are progressing so well and I am so glad that you have decided to share your journey (their journey) with us. Kids sure can teach us a lot;)

    • Thank you so much. I will admit they drive me crazy but I learn a ton from them!

  7. Happy Birthday boys! I hope the party was a LOT of fun! Love that picture of them when they were so little.

    • Thanks Rose! We had a blast! Crazy how big they’ve gotten . . . . it seems like such a long time ago

    • Thank you so much! They had a great time . . . I hope! 🙂

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