Water Boyz

WE’RE BACK!  I think I’m moving away from the ‘weekly update’ post.  The boys are finally in school and we are back to a ‘normal’ schedule – school started this past Thursday.  I don’t understand it and honestly, didn’t like the idea, but their new school does a ‘staggered’ start.  On the official ‘first day of school,’ the returning students started and over the following two weeks, the ‘new’ students would start 1 by 1 . . . . The boys were ready to start on day one, and I think it was more an opportunity for the teachers to get reacclimated to being at school.

Oh well, we had two extra weeks of summer and man  was a fun summer – I’m glad that I got to be at home with the kids and grateful for my wife in giving me that opportunity.  However, I can also understand why parents are so ready to send their kids back to school.  🙂

We got to try a TON of different activities for the summer – one was a two-week swimming class that the boys loved.  After completing the first session, the boys were having so much fun we decided to sign them up for a second two-week course.

Getting ready to take the plunge

By the end of the courses, the boys were diving after dive sticks, jumping into the water, and actually holding their breath underwater.  Honestly, their strokes could use some work but at the same time, they’ve become very comfortable in the water and instead of having to constantly hover and watch over them, I can now sit back a little and let them play.  We had a three-month pass so the kids and I went a few times a week to maximize our ROI. . . it was best when the actual school year had started and we had two weeks of basically an entire pool to ourselves!

With their swim teacher

I think the best investment we made were for a pair of cheap goggles for the boys & little dive missiles.  Once we got those, the boys were constantly diving in and out of the water.  Another game they loved was ‘hide and seek.’  Twin B would play ‘hide and seek’ and would tell me “DAD COUNT TO 10” and dive under the water.  Well, he couldn’t hold his breath that long so it was then “DAD COUNT TO 5” then “DAD COUNT to 1.”  Hilarious.

The whole pool to ourselves! Well, except the lap swimmers

I wish I had an underwater camera so I could show you how happy the boys are in the pool – even underwater, you can hear them laughing when you get close to them or screaming as they try to swim away.  May look into fall / winter swim classes once we figure out what our schedule will be.  I know many people talk about the benefits of the ocean or just water in general for autistic kids – I’ve done previous posts on surfers (Clay Marzo) or other stories about autism and water.  I’m glad we had the time and opportunity to be at the pool, it was fantastic for the boys.

  1. I completely agree about the benefits of water for autistic kids. Jack is like a fish and water clearly regulates his body.

  2. My son’s school did a staggered start for the Kindergarteners this year. Still don’t know why, but as we’re in fifth grade, it didn’t affect us. I think your sons look so happy that the extended time had to be good for them. 🙂

    • We had a blast. I m glad that they are in school though with some structure

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