A Wunderful Week – 07.25.12 (Polynesian Cultural Center)

Summer is in full swing for the boyz.  After a week “recovering” from the school year and our HI trip (I still have a TON of pictures to post) we are back in the swing of things.  Our first highlight of the week was our boys first swimming lessons.  The boys LOVE the pool so we have a pass for a local pool and we spend most of the time there on a big slide or running around the shallow end.  However, the boys started a two week swim course and are loving it – glad to see!

Now, the BIG EVENT of  the week was the Polynesian Culutral Center’s performance at a nearby convention center.  We had seen the “HA: The Breath of Life” Performance last year in Hawaii and since my wife and I both worked at the Center and actually met there, we were very excited to see the show.

Polynesian Cultural Center's HA Breath of Life in Utah

Da Boyz dancing the hula. My wife’s favorite dance. 🙂


There was also an appearance by Kap Te’o Tafiti, or “Kap” who was one of the main perfomers in the Samoan Show (coconut husking and tree climbing) at the PCC and regularly performed the fire knife dance finale in the evening show.

Kap Te'o Tafiti @ The Polynesian Cultural Center

Kap doing the Samoan Show skit

Just like last year, the boys LOVED the show.  I didn’t realize that the PCC’s Performing Team would be doing the entire “HA” show (the main evening show) but they did and it was FANTASTIC.  Just like last year, the boys got so excited to see the fire knife dancing and after the show, we were (again) one of the last families to leave since the kids wanted pictures with the performers.

Polynesian Cultural Center's HA Breath of Life in Utah

Da Kids with one of the dancers

Twin A was so funny though.  We took a picture with a few of the male dancers and were ready to leave when he asked, “what about pictures with the girls?”  So, we got in line for one of the dancers but he quickly pulled us aside and said, “No, she’s not my favorite.”  So, that started a hunt for his ‘favorite’ dancer.  Hilarious.

Polynesian Cultural Center's HA Breath of Life in Utah

Twin A’s “Favorite” Dancer. He was so shy walking up to her

The boys are getting a lot better at communicating with people, developing eye contact, and holding conversations. . . especially about “Angry Birds” or now, the favorite is “Super Mario Galaxy.”  The last picture we took was with the lead in the show who plays “Mana.”  Mana and one of the other dancers picked the boys up and the boys were SO EXCITED.  It was great to see – I wish this picture turned out better because their expression was priceless. The performers for the show were so friendly and outgoing, it really made an impression on the kiddos and it was SO REFRESHING to see versus other places we’ve visited where, you can tell, the person would rather be doing something else.

Polynesian Cultural Center's HA Breath of Life in Utah

“How kool is this?”

The boys and I accompanied my daughter to a “Keiki Hula” (kid’s hula) class in a nearby town.  The class is hosted by Kaipo, a friend from Maui who also worked with my wife dancing hula at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I’m grateful that the kids have taken a liking to the dances and arts that are part of their culture and heritage.

A Keiki Hula Class in Lehi, UT

Keiki Hula Class

Tip of the Week: I’ve missed doing the ‘tip of the week ‘ for the past few weeks with school out.  I’ve got an idea we are trying this week so I will work on it and report back!  Have a great week and ALOHA~

  1. God we are living parallel lives..! Angry birds and Super Mario have been the quintessential get us through airports and restaurants these days..here’s the kicker..have the twins met “Skylanders” on Xbox yet? Beware, it is marketing genius as you have to buy extra characters to get through the game but both kids love it!

    • Yeah . . . . . we won’t buy an XBox – not so much because I think the kids will be addicted to it but that I will! I’ll make sure to avoid Skylander if I see it at the App store or something. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  2. gail said:

    Looks like so much fun. You must be so proud of the boys’ progress!

    • Hey ~ thanks for the comment. It is great to see them growing and developing. Even though there are areas we are still working on, I try and focus on the areas they have progressed in. I do love the fact that they get so excited at these types of events and shows . . . . means the world to me since it’s my culture and the PCC, especially, is a place that my wife and I hold near and dear. 🙂

  3. Cyn said:

    It looks like you had a great time 🙂 I love that they really enjoy the shows especially since its very close to you. It’s great to hear how well the boys are progressing Daddy:) Have a great summer!

    • Thanks so much! It’s been a BUSY and fun summer for the kids (I think). It’s been great to spend time with them . . . . . now to get them to stop fighting . . . . . . 🙂

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