HAWAII 2012!

We are actually back from our trip but it was a fantastic two weeks.  I took our computer thinking that I’d get all this work done when the kids were sleeping but I should know better by now.  So within 24 hours of school ending, we were on the plane!  The boys were so excited but the problem was that our flight was at 3pm and they were ready to go at 8am.  Ugh

Twins going to Hawaii


We brought all our necessary electronical equipment to ensure that we wouldn’t go crazy on the airplane.  However, my wife also prepared a bunch of worksheets and coloring books so the kiddos wouldn’t be too amped up on electronics after 6 hours on the plane and a 2 hour layover in LA.

Airplane - it's a wunderful life

Getting some work done

We usually don’t go home every year (we were back last year) but this year was our first family reunion so we UNFORTUNATELY HAD to go back.  Hah hah – like you’d have to twist my arm to get me back to Hawaii. On both sides of my family, as I was growing up, most of my relatives were on Maui.  However, most of the kids in my generation have left and it’s been rare for us to see each other.

It's a Wunderful Life, Hamai, Family Reunion, Maui

Hamai Family Reunion 2012

Our family has a store on Maui that we all grew up hanging out at, working at during the summer, and now a few of us are returning to run.  Hawaii has a strong sense of community and family, but I really feel that because of this store, we grew up in a very tight family unit.  Also, my mom is one of six children, five of which have kids.  Now from those five lines, three of them now have children who make up the fifth generation of Japanese Americans in our family.  All three of those lines have at least one set of twins.  We had fun teasing the kids in the other two lines about their chances to have twins – especially since one of those is an only child.  🙂

Surfing @ Launiupoko / It's a Wunderful Life

Taking Twin A out on the surfboard

This was a good trip for the kids.  I think it was especially good for them since the last time my parents saw them was prior to the school year starting.  My parents got to see how much the boys have progressed.  I think that since we are with them everyday, we sometimes miss how far they have really come.  Anyway, more Hawaii coming up!  🙂

  1. I’m glad you had a good trip. I love when my family gets to see my boys and like you guys, it’s not very often so the progress is very pronounced to them. Looking fwd to more HI news and pics.

    • Thanks! Hopefully, the progress will continue. I’m a bit worried with summer but I’m just glad that school lasted through June so we only have really, 6 weeks left until school starts again. Wow time flies!

  2. g said:

    Seeing grandchildren is the joy of of a grandparent’s life! So happy you all had a great time.

    • Thanks! We had a BLAST. Now back to ‘normal’ life. 🙂

  3. It looks like you guys had a fantastic time! It is times like these where you really see that progress. I’m a great believer that holidays and family experiences can really push them along in some unsuspecting ways too, so don’t be surprised if their teachers/therapists notice a difference too! Love the photo of the boys running through the airport!

    • That’s my favorite photo as well – it’s tough to get a quality photo of kids running with a iPhone but still, at least it captured how excited they were. Family is great and we are lucky that our family is supportive of us.

  4. Kellie said:

    You’re pretty brave, taking the two boys on a six hour plane ride! I can barely get up the nerve to take my two on a six-hour car ride 🙂

    • Hah hah – we had a TON of electronics, snacks, and books to keep them entertained. The flight there was great but we had a red eye into LA and a short hopper flight to our final destination. That last flight was a tough one. 🙂

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