Giant Steps Ahead – Congrats Rooms 103 and 108!

It’s been a busy few weeks.  The day after our boys graduated from school, we headed to HI for a family reunion.  We got back yesterday and I guess today was our first ‘normal’ day of summer vacation!

It's a Wunderful Life - Autism School Graduation

Twin A with his amazing teacher

Graduation was a bitter sweet day for us.  On the one hand, it will be great to have the kids home for the summer,  They have also made TREMENDOUS gains and strides thanks to their school and fantastic facility. I can’t tell you how grateful my wife and I are that we were able to attend this school and for the amazing people who did so much for our boys.

Graduation - It's a Wunderful Life

Twin B and his great teacher

On the other hand, it was a day of goodbye since we will be going to a new school in Fall.  These schools are also different from other schools since these kids are from all over the valley and while some will continue at the current school, others (like our twins) will be going a different direction.

Twin A chatting with one of his friends

Graduation - It's a Wunderful Life

Fiesta! Twin B and a classmate

I am grateful that our twins made friends. . . . that they came home talking about teachers, friends, lessons, games . . . . that they have grown so much over the past year.  I know we still have a long road ahead of us but to those individuals that were a part of our twins’ lives this year – thank you for all you’ve done!It's a Wunderful Life - Autism School Graduation

I thought they final project that the class had on their board was fitting for the day (picture above).  Thank you!

  1. Lisa said:

    Sounds like a great end of the school year! Hope next year brings continued success!

    • Thanks Lisa! Hope your summer is going well! It’s 10:30 here and the kids are still jet lagged. One dragged out of bed about 45 minutes ago. I can hear the other two moving around. Gotta love ‘lazy’ summers. So different for autistic kids who are constantly on the go and at school. 😦

  2. Mr. Miller said:

    Ha! My Twin B has the same “Hello My Name is Trouble” shirt.

  3. cathmae said:

    It’s hard to leave behind people who have become part of your life and given so much. Sometimes I think it has been harder for me than for my kids. Wishing all the best for your boys, yourself and their lovely mother.

  4. Colleen Wunder said:

    Twin A is actually looking into the camera and smiling-she must be an amazing teacher to have him to that!

  5. g said:

    Change can be good. Hoping it is in this case!

  6. Hi! I have been dealing with autism for 32 years now. 😉 (I am diagnosed with Asperger’s) but for my children we’ve been dealing with it for a decade now. One thing i tell parents that I wish someone could have shown me is don’t get involved in all the hype..the he said she said…remember this is THEIR life journey. I would NOT take my autism away it makes me who I am and without it I don’t believe that I could achieve a PhD as a single mom of two children with autism. I do everything on my own…..and I think having autism helps me. It’s a struggle an everyday struggle to have a silent disorder…one that is whispered about….even with the current publicity nobody can SEE autism the way they can other disorders. It’s our own burden and standing together as a community will make all the difference in the world. Our children develop at different paces than typical children…and that’s ok…I think you have done a great job accepting that part of your life! I wish I could see more of this in the autism community…acceptance..that’s all our children need is acceptance!

    I hope to be able to talk to you and your family during your travels down the road of discovery!!!!!

    If you ever want to talk or discuss anything let me know….

    ~Live your life without reservations gives you the strength to face the challenges that autism presents us with!

    PS…please check out my current post about helping 2 girls with autism take down a nasty photo that has publicly humiliated them..they are just teenagers and twins with autism!

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