A Wunderful Week 06.25.12

What a busy week!  We said goodbye to my brother and his family as they make their big move back to Maui.  It was nice to have them so close to us and while we will miss them, we are excited for them in their new ventures and wish them well!

Cherry Picking with friends - It's a Wunderful Life Blog

WOW! Twin B picked those all himself

We also got invited to a friend’s house to pick cherries. The kids had a BLAST ~ I thought the boys would be done in under an hour but we spent almost three hours there.  They, for the most part, were patient and took turns waiting for the ladder and were so proud when they filled up their buckets.  Twin B had fun dropping the cherries into his bucket while saying “cannonball” the whole time. . . . .I think we will dry those cherries.  🙂

Cherry Picking - It's a Wunderful Life

Twin A focused on his work

The family that invited us are good friends with my parents and this was our first time really getting to know this awesome couple.  During one part of the afternoon, he brought out some fresh grape juice for the kids and had all three of them sitting with him just cruising – fun to see and grateful for friends and family who do so much for us.

Cherry Picking - It's a Wunderful Life

Our haul for the day – that’s a TON of cherries

Accomplishments: Let’s talk about Twin A this week.  We signed up for a sharing time at his school and he did so well.  Originally, we were going to make Maui GuriGuri (check it out here) for him to share but for some reason, it didn’t freeze in the ice cream maker.  So, we hit a store by the school that sells Japanese and Hawaiian treats and took some of those.  The crackers and candy were big hits but the seaweed strips. . . not so much.

Its a Wunderful Life Blog Sharing Time

Twin A during his sharing time at school

We also had his assessment with his teacher.  Like Twin B, he’s progressed so well this year and has really grown socially.  It’s fun to listen to him because he always uses, “excuse me” when he wants to ask a question and really likes to be with people. He’s also able to dress himself and he did all the buttons on his church shirt yesterday.  That earned him his final chart move this weekend and he was so excited!  Their reward was a Cars 2 app that we downloaded.  Twin B is freaked out by these littie ‘firefly bug’ cars that are all over the screen and follow Mater around.  I don’t think I’ve heard him get so angry at the iPad before.  🙂

Chart Moves - Autism and It's a Wunderful Life

Twin A with his completed chart

Tip of the Week: Twin A’s awesome teacher gave us a great link that she uses to make writing worksheets for her class.  The twins always came home with those writing worksheets with dotted letters and words and they always had their names or other words that they frequently use – click here to see the site.

I haven’t used it yet but it looks pretty easy to use.  I’ll print some sheets up this week in preparation for some activities we have coming up!  LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!  🙂

  1. gail said:

    Such good news! I’m still waiting for my granddaughter to button up!

    Those cherries look wonderful.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Dreaming of cherry pie right now. 🙂

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