Special Guest Appearance

This post is dedicated to first, my mom who I know had a crush on Don Osmond growing up and secondly. to the great blog All Things Boys who did a post on amazing post on David Osmond a few weeks back – if you missed it, check it out here.

My boys don’t differentiate between celebrity or everday Joe on the street ~ they just go for whoever has the candy basket and is willing to give them some.  This past week, they got a glimpse of one of their ‘uncles’ (we’re Hawaiian so any family friend becomes an uncle / aunt very quickly) who happened to have a candy basket.  When he saw the boys looking at him, he flashed a candy at them and got them running down the church halls. . . . yes, we aren’t the most reverent group at church.  However, I think Don tends to share more of my sense of humor and attitude than others.  🙂

Don Osmond Jr @ It's a Wunderful Life Blog

Thanks Uncle Don!

Don Osmond Jr. moved into our neighborhood about the same time we did a few years back and is seriously, one of the funniest and most non assuming people you would ever met (is it ‘people’ or ‘persons’ – I have horrible English). He’ll probably laugh that I put this post in.

Thanks to all those who are great ‘uncles’ and ‘aunties’ to our boys, your support and love means the world to us.  Now I just need to make sure they don’t go running to anybody who has candy . .  . . . . .



  1. cathmae said:

    Very cute!!! I too had a crush on Donny Osmond in my youth – I think I have just given a clue to my age. His son looks just like him!

  2. I must be in total denial about my age. I totally thought that was Daddy Donny Osmond. I thought, wow, he aged REALLY well!!!!!

    Glad the boys are doing so well. There’s just something about watching our children when they are happy!!!


    • Hah hah – that’s so funny. I think we are all in denial about something in our lives. Thanks for the comment!

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