What a Wunderful Week 06.04.12

Where has the time gone?  I think I’ve been so focused on other things the past few weeks I forgot to post!  It’s been nice to catch up on some of your blogs and see what’s been happening.  We’ve got some big decisions in the air regarding the boyz and should have some clarification on that in the next few days. . . stay tuned!

Accomplishments:  The boys came out of their church class with little stickers on their chest – those are reminders that they will in some fashion be involved in the primary activity the following Sunday. Though we totally spaced it until about an hour before church the following Sunday, the boys were so excited and did really well sitting quietly and at their little parts.  Twin A, especially, loves to participate.  I sometimes play piano for the primary and he always has his hand up hoping to answer a question.  I was happy they did well and it was a good experience for them.

Boys sitting ‘up front’ for their part in the program

We also reserve Monday Nights for our family time, otherwise known as Family Home Evening in church circles.  Honestly, it’s tough to keep the boys attention for even a 10 minute ‘family time’ and lesson but hey, you gotta try, right? We always start with a song and this past week, they both wanted to take turns at the piano.

FHE Piano

Twin B taking his turn at the piano

We’ve been counting down days on their calendar until specific events. . . . . Charlie’s Soccer Camp. . . . .tutor visit. . . . . trip to HI.  We did ‘countdown chains’ for our trip to Hawaii and the kids actually sat and did this with us.  A popsicle bribe was probably the main reason but still, fun night.

With their ‘countdown’ chains until HI!

Over the weekend, I slipped downstairs for about 45 minutes to fold laundry and finish up a movie I had started the night before.  My wife was watching the kids but within about 10 minutes, I heard her on the piano and it was quiet upstairs.  I had my iPhone so I knew the boys weren’t playing on the phones.  I came upstairs and this is what they were doing.

Angry Bird Saturday

What? Peace and quiet for 30 minutes? NO WAY!

My wife had printed out a bunch of Angry Bird pictures from the internet and the kids were sitting and doing water colors on them.  It’s rare that the three of them will find something to do together . . . . and sit down for more than 10 minutes.  My wife was sitting down enjoying some piano time ~great idea!

Tip of the Week: The boys have trouble tracking items visually.  For example, if you hold something in front of them and tell them to watch it while you move it in a circle, they will usually break concentration during the movement.  Our OT suggested that we use a Skittle, flashlight, or something that will keep the boys attention and have them track while sitting down, lying on their backs, etc.  This skill leads into a bunch of others so we’ll work on it and hopefully, get it down during the summer.  Now to get them to STOP FIGHTING over who gets to lie closest to mommy. . . . . . AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

Request:  We’re working on taking turns and sharing. . . . hasn’t been the most pleasant experience.  The boys scream and fight over who gets to sit behind mommy in the car and it’s CONSTANT. . .  that’s just on instance.  Any good advice or tips – please share!  Thanks in advance!  🙂

  1. RE/ taking turns…my grandson (7) and his aunt my youngest daughter (21) are both autistic…and we have massive amounts of jealousy and competition at our house. my daughter lives with me full time, grandson 5 days per week…plus I have my grand daughter (6mo) an ever patient husband and a schnauzer all vying for my time…I have my grandson and daughter earn special time, or for him movies or messy activities, for her gardening with me…I work full time…so what ever time I have left is very limited what with therapies for both on I swear opposite ends of the globe…My grans=dson needs to have at least 3 days at school without hitting…some times this is easy some times this is hard…when school is out they both have to do what is asked without attitude, backtalk etc…also rather difficult for both. Mind you I don’t ask much: throw away your garbage, tidy up your area…but no griping at me when I ask these simple things…this seems to work at the moment but as they are both still growing and getting used to their uniqueness on the planet I figure I will be changing things up here and there.
    Oh my grandson was evaluated and found to be autistic last year…as was my daughter…so we have allot of catching up to do with therapies…it’s ever changing and ever challenging… 🙂

    • I bet you will be changing things up here and there but it sounds like you’ve got a lot that they are doing. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Angry Bird pictures! Brilliant! Your wife is one smart cookie!
    The taking turns, we have done it in legs of a trip with a list on a clipboard. It has helped when we are running down errands. Each checks off their turn so they recognize who’s next for the coveted seat. They both are fans of the check mark!

    • Aren’t the pictures great? Man – they were so focused and happy with it. I think one of the boys went through 5 of the pictures. I like the checklist idea. . . . . . We have an “Angry Bird” chart (go figure) with numbers on it and they get a check each time they do something. . . . .but I haven’t been consistent with the things they need to do. Checklist it is! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Sharing is an issue for us too. I’ll come back and see what suggestions other ppl give you. I got nuthin. That countdown chain is a good idea though. I’m gonna steal that from you. My 5 year old will love that. He’s always asking when things are going to happen or how many days before something happens etc. Thanks.

    • Don’t you love it? Somewhere along our 45 minute drive home from school, there’s always something that triggers the “Daddy – are we going to Coco/Papa’s house today?” So with the chain, at least they can feel daily that they are getting closer to their HI trip. Hate to say it, but the questions still come. 🙂

  4. I was worried when I didn’t see your weekly write-up last week. Glad to know it was the typical busy-ness of life.

    • Aaaawwww – that’s nice of you. It’s crazy how much goes on in life and then at the same time, how much I’ve missed in the blog world. Love the swingset pictures you’ve been posting. Amazing how much time kids can spend on them (and how nice it is that they do). 🙂

      • Yes, we’re so happy to have our own swing set-including the dog. Now he gets to spend more time outside, too.

  5. It was great to read your blog and know that there are families like mine out there. I have two sons, my eldest has autism and my youngest has ADHD. I just recently started blogging about our true family experiences with autism. It is great to share and to follow other families like us. Great ideas on the chain making…what a wonderful visual way to communicate as well as spend time on a project/craft together!

    • Agreed – your post on the past few years and therapies, etc sounds like what our past few years have been like. We’ve had them in programs since they were 2 but it’s made the world of a difference. We got together last night with an old work friend who has an autistic daughter. It was over a year since we had seen each other’s kids and you could see the growth in all three kids. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Hello! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations! Thank you for your contributions to the Blogosphere! Keep up the great work! You can follow this link, http://wp.me/p1fiGl-h0 for the rules regarding this award!

  7. Lisa said:

    I love, love, love the countdown chain. Nice visual/tactile way to show how much “time” is left. I need to remember that.

    As for sharing, one thing that has worked here is each kiddo gets a day of the week that is his turn. So, we go by the calendar that I have made up. If it one’s “day”, he gets to choose the tv show or gets the tablet first…for some things, it is a good, fair system….now, as for toys, well, if anyone else has ideas, I am game!

    • The chain is fun. . . I’ve realized though that through staying a few nights at my mother in laws and simply forgetting on other nights, I need to sneak in an clip off like 6 of the chains. 🙂

      I like the sharing idea ~ thanks. I think we’re going to have a picture chart of the main fights and put their picture under the one that they will do for that day. Then, hopefully, we can start to take some of those pictures away as they get used to sharing. Sorry, no suggestion for toys. We have a ‘toy timeout’ place on top of our fridge. he he he

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