A Wunderful Week 05.14.12

This post is dedicated to the awesome mother of my kids.  She’ll kill me when she sees this update and the pictures of her but hey, this is my blog, right?  I can do something different from time to time.  🙂

JennyLei Wunder

My wife – nicknamed “Gorgeous” by the kids

My wife is awesome and our kids absolutely love her.  The boys are so excited when she is around and they are constantly fighting for her attention and trying to make her happy. . . . . I mentioned in a past post that one of our weekly struggles is hearing them fight over who gets tucked in by mommy first.  There are worse things the boys could fight about.  🙂

We met during college while working at the Polynesian Cultural Center – the following is a shot of her with three of our friends.  The couple in the photo now live in Japan and used to live down the hall from us.  Manu is in the back – he was my best man.

Polynesian Cultural Center

“Along the beach at Waikiki. . . . “

I could go on forever but I know most people will get bored with a long post on my feelings for my wife.  To tie it in to autism and this blog though, let’s just say that if it weren’t for my wife and her maturity to ask the ‘tough questions’ when our boys were little, we wouldn’t have gotten their diagnosis so young and would’ve missed out on a lot of the progress that they have made.  If it wasn’t for her proactive approach by researching schools and getting us on waiting lists, our boys wouldn’t be in the fantastic school that they are in now. . . . .

Boys with their Angry Bird Costumes

Homemade Angry Bird Costumes by Mom

I think back to that experience and realize how much maturity it took for her, as well as all of you out there who are on this same journey, to put “her dreams” for the kids aside when she noticed their delays and ask the tough question that you may be afraid to ask, “something is different. . . . is there something more that I need to know or do?”

A portrait from a friend / artist in Japan

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and future mothers out there.  You shape this world more than you know.  To my wife ~ your are amazing!  Happy Mothers Day and thank you for everything.  Love ya.

  1. g said:

    What a beautiful tribute to your wife who is, by the way, quite gorgeous! Blessings to you and your lovely family.

  2. Autismum said:

    What a lovely post, it made me well up and giggle – think mature is the last word my hubby would use to describe me. I leave being the grown up and the costume making to him. Those Angry Bird suits are so cool. I want!

    • My wife made the red and yellow M&M costume the year before. I think we may be able to reuse their costumes this year because they love angry birds. . . . . . well, we may need to upgrade to the ‘space’ angry birds but still, could be fun!

  3. So sweet! Great post! You are a lucky guy. But I suspect she knows she’s lucky too!

  4. Lisa said:

    What a beautiful post. She sounds like a wonderful woman!

  5. Cyn said:

    That was beautiful 🙂

  6. jennyleiwunder said:

    I have the best husband ever! Love you too!

    • Ah – please remember that when you come home and find all the chocolate gone. 🙂

  7. jennyleiwunder said:

    You can take down the old school pictures though! 🙂

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