What a Wunderful Week – 05.07.12 / Red Devils Soccer Camp Part 2

I think we need another day to recover from this past week.  Twin A had a TOUGH time getting out of bed this morning.  He kept asking for me to help with getting him dressed but with me on breakfast duty downstairs and still on crutches, getting up and down the stairs is my least favorite activity right now.

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We had a great weekend that I’ll write about later because man, the soccer camp really was awesome.  You can read about the genesis of the soccer camp in my most recent post but once again, thank you to the Red Devils Soccer Club here in Utah -they were fantastic.

Red Devils Soccer UT Camp for Autistic Kids 2

Shot with Leo and some of the volunteers. Can’t decide if Twin B is angry or is showing us his ‘game face.’ Photo courtesy of Red Devils Soccer SLC


It was neat to see over 60 kids on three different fields participating with over 100 participants in light green shirts running around helping the kids.  I appreciated the fact that prior to coming to the camp, the volunteers all got a training of ABA and Autism, followed by a tour of the Carmen B Pingree School for Autistic Kids that’s nearby.

It was amazing to see the ‘range’ of volunteers who came.  Many of the kid volunteers were associated with the Red Devils Club however, there were a number who heard about it from friends and came along as well.  Twin A had two volunteers who were both middle school age girls in the club, while Twin B’s was a freshman at the University of Utah who wanted to volunteer for the clinic – Awesome!  Oh, if any of you had daughters get caught up in the High School Musical craze a few years back, some of these kids will play for the East High Team.  Just some trivia.

Red Devils Soccer UT Camp for Autistic Kids 1

Twin A with one of his volunteer aids. I think he had a little crush on both girls. 

At the same time, Michelle (again – see previous post) and her daughter had many family members that came and helped.  If you went to any registration and asked, “are you with the team?” You’d have a 50% chance they were a parent of one of the players.  On the other hand, many were friends, neighbors, or relatives of Michelle and her daughter.  How fantastic is that?  I was touched to see 100 youth and adult volunteers coming out – not asking anything in return and giving their time for the kids.

Red Devils Soccer UT Camp for Autistic Kids

Twin B with his volunteer. He’s a Pre Med Student at the University of Utah. . . .the ‘other school’ in the UT rivalry. 🙂

In talking with some of the volunteers, I found out that the coaches and parents structured the camp with help from another mom who has an extensive background in ABA.  There were a number of different stations with a specific and simple objective in mind.  The kids also had a reinforcement bag to help motivate them.

Red Devils Soccer UT Camp for Autistic Kids

Twin A ready to break some ankles!

What was also neat was you didn’t worry about your kid being ‘judged’ or not fitting in.  The camp was structured yet flexible enough that each station and activity went as far as the student wanted it to go.  My twins were great at some things and it was fun to watch them dribble and run down the field. . . . then get tired, pick up the ball, and just walk to the sidelines.  Some of the kids just ended up sitting down and rolling the soccer ball back and forth while another boy found a sprinkler puddle and. . . . well. . . . I hope his mom brought a towel and extra set of clothes. It was exactly what most of these kids need. . . and it was awesome to see things specifically geared for them.  A “safe zone” if you will.

Red Devils Soccer Camp for Autistic Kids Salt Lake City Utah

Twin A LOVES his shirt and his new soccer ball – signed by “Leo” – the mascot for Real Salt Lake, our MLS Soccer Team

I just had to bring the previous picture back from the last post – it’s my favorite!  I wish I could personally thank everyone involved – I don’t know if they’ll realize how much this meant to many of us.  Between my knee and other things, I’ve been so self centered recently and worried about ‘my own little world’ and personally, this event really helped me get out of that rut and realize the good that always comes out of doing something for someone else.  I thank the volunteers, organizers, and Red Devils Soccer Club for providing an awesome experience for not only my kids. . . .but a learning one for me.  Mahalo ~




  1. Lisa said:

    That camp looks and sounds like pure enjoyment!

  2. This mom from Toronto, Canada wishes she had been there with her son. Wouldn’t it be great if we could each parcel up those golden moments and give the experience to others? Very happy for you and your boys.

    • Thank you. It would be great if these types of things were so easy to replicate and do somewhere else. . . . if that were the case, I’d replicate a beach in my backyard. 🙂

  3. he had such a good time he is now fast asleep, love that sleep photo, so innocent and calm

    • He did have a blast. If only he was always so ‘innocent and calm.’ 🙂

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