It’s a Wunderful Week 04.30.12

I was interested and very worried to see how the boys would react to ‘daddy being hurt.’  Would they not recognize the injury and simply jump all over me as usual?    I know I’m getting too old for it but I still play volleyball and this past week, either ‘badly sprained’ my knee or possibly, tore my ACL.  Before getting a MRI, they want me to wait for two weeks since there is a strong likelihood it is just a sprain. . . . let’s hope so.

I think I’m going to turn to running a lot more versus volleyball.  Unfortunately though, I had three runs scheduled between now and June so. . . . that’s not happening.  I missed the Color Me Rad 5k this weekend that my wife and daughter had an absolute blast at.

Color Me Rad Utah 2012

My wife and daughter after the Color Me Rad 5K! They had a blast

The boys have been very cautious around me and are extremely careful.  Twin A has sympathy pains, all of a sudden, as he’s developed a sore left leg as well.  I wish I was able to video him hopping around the kitchen but unfortunately, my phone was out of reach.  Twin B is a great policeman – telling me to stop ‘hopping’ around and making sure I have my ‘sticks’ (crutches) nearby.  His first question to me is if my knee is better and if it’ll be better tomorrow or in 100 days?

Accomplishments: This week was a big week for Big Sis.  We usually focus on the boys’ accomplishments but we were happy to see her play this week.  The Up With Kids program is a fantastic program – holding weekly classes in preparation for this play that featured OVER 100 KIDS from ages 6 – 12.

Up With Kids Tangled performance 2012

Big Sis as "Viking TuffNut" far right on the middle stage

Big Sis was “Viking Tuffnut” and honestly, I was extremely impressed the boys sat through a 2 hour play.  We’ve done a few different ones before (Peter Pan was a big hit) but this was the first ‘local production’ that they went to and I’m glad that they came along to support Big Sis.  We did eat a lot of fruit snacks though. . . . .

Tip of the Week: I had the chance to spend a day in school with the boys but we missed their speech session this week thanks to my leg.  So, kind of a lame tip but here it is:   If you look behind Twin B in the following picture – you’ll see two of the charts they use.

Twin B @ Pingree School in Salt Lake City for Autistic Children

Hanging out at school

The first is his Angry Bird Chart (one of his favorite subjects) which is used as a form of positive reinforcement for Twin B – something easy that he’s excited about and moves us away from food (candy) reinforcements.  I’ll take a picture of the voice chart but this has been a BIG HELP with Twin B.  You can see the top of the chart above him on the left – Level 5 being ’emergency voices’ and Level 1 being a quiet whisper.  We’ve used the levels with the boys at church, home, with friends, or when kids are sleeping and they understand it and ‘get it.’  That’s been extremely helpful for us.

Have a great week!  The boys have their soccer camp this week – it’s been amazing to see the support from the local community for the camp.  I’ll post more about it in a future post.




  1. I use a volume thermometer with my Grandson (PDD NOS) he’s usually at the top or the bottom so we’re working on him being in the middle…so we can hear him but not be deafened by him. He loves the Angry birds too!

    • The thermometer is a great idea, thanks for sharing. I hear ya on the volume being on one end or the ther of the range – that’s how our twins are as well. Must be a kid thing. 🙂

      • we can usually cope with the loud it’s when he moves his lips with no sound…makes just a little difficult to get what he wants to get across…;)

        • Yeah that would be tough. One of our boys slurs and mumbles at times and I feel bad when he gets frustrated that I don’t understand him. Poor kiddos

          • My little dude gets rid of the beginning or ending consonants…we do allot of mime, pointing and guessing…tons of frustration…we tried PICS…he got irritated with trying to locate the right picture…with 2 speech therapies 5 days per week he’s getting there though…the other day in the car he said ‘we turned the wrong way’ clear as a bell…well and we had…I didn’t tell him were were going just one more place before home and done. 🙂

  2. So sorry about your knee! You really have such a lovely family! Thank you for sharing both it and your tips with us.

    • Thanks for the comment, I’m hoping it isn’t too bad. We will see. By the way, loved the giraffe shirt you made. That was awesome and something that’ll be a cool family treasure to hand down, way cool.

  3. Autismum said:

    Oh. We’re both in the wars. Get better soon.
    and your little girl is the tuffnuttest and cutest viking I’ve ever seen (and I know real life Norwegians too, so there!) xx

    • Thanks for the comments. My daughter loved your comment – it made her day. Thank you!

  4. g said:

    I hope you heal fast!

  5. Fingers crossed that it is only a sprain. I hope you are feeling better soon. Sorry to hear you couldn’t run the 5k with your family, but the picture shows that they still had a great and colorful time!

    • Thank you for the comment! I checked out your blog and in the chaos of the weekend totally forgot the flash project on the 30th! It’s great you and so many others did that, awesome to see a community reach out to help. Way neat and I’m bummed I missed it!

      • The way I see it, by reading the posts in the flash project you still participated. Thanks for taking the time to read my contribution.
        Plus, you have to take care of yourself first in order to take care of others.

    • Thanks for what you do. Appreciative of tose who spend their loves teaching the future generations. You guys rock

      • Matt said:

        Thanks, it’s a calling. We certainly don’t do it for the money!

  6. Cyn said:

    OM goodness…the color me rad run looked like fun:) Great tips btw. I think the chart on your fridge is part of Cognitive Behaviour therapy that I’ve recently begun reading about.

    • Thanks! My wife and daughter had such a fun time – hope to get a bigger group together for next year’s run. It was awesome and I highly recommend it!

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