What a Wunderful Week – 04.23.12

Did everyone have great weather this weekend?  I did hear that we are dropping close to 30 degrees between now and next weekend. . . . ugh!  My wife and I are doing the Color Me Rad 5k on Saturday so hopefully the weather isn’t too bad.  We’ve been training for Ragnar and this looks like a fun short run to do – so excited for it!

At the base of the waterfall

Accomplishments: The beautiful weather afforded us an opportunity to get out and really have a fun filled Saturday.  We decided to spend our morning at a little park with a great waterfall just up the canyon from us.  While both boys enjoyed the picnic, Twin A really enjoyed the water and wearing his slippers (flip flops) around instead of shoes.  Twin B however. . . . .let’s just say he was a grouch for all but ten minutes of our outing.

We also got together with a few groups of friends that the boys did extremely well with – one was a good friend from college and the others were a family who live up the street from us and the mom used to be one of our helpers with the boys when we did ABA out of our house.  Being Hawaiian, we introduce a lot of adults to the boys as “Uncle” or “Aunty,” and it was so nice to see them play for an entire evening with different adults and families.

As we dropped our friend back at his hotel, it was great to hear one of the boys talk about “Uncle” and when we’d see him again. . . hopefully when he visits from Japan in August!  We went to “Aunty Pam’s” house on Sunday and the boys remembered where she lived and were so excited when we got there – that was great to see.  The evening went better than I could’ve expected.

Getting help from Mom

Opportunities: Bed time has become a fiasco.  The boys are so possessive of their mom and who gets to tucked in by mom first.  Ugh – I know the quick answer is that I should do all the bedtime routines but. . . . . let’s just say in my mind, the ‘quick’ answer in this case may not be the ‘right’ answer.  🙂

Tip of the Week: First – a congratulations to our boys’ OT who just had a baby.  Wishing her well and thank you to her colleagues who helped us with our appt this past week.  I liked this exercise – boys had a ton of fun and it was easy to do.

OT Monster Exercise for autistic kids

Great activity

I mean, what kid wouldn’t like to make a little monster, right?  While some pieces were already prepared (teeth and eyes), the boys cut everything else either by themselves or with a little help from the team.

Twin B with his "Monster"

The boys have been doing better at their drawing, pencil grip, and obviously scissors exercises.  This was just the right speed for them – took us about 15 minutes to do.  The OT’s would help with some of the cutting (turning paper for the boys, etc) but for the most part, they are getting better on their own.

Twin A hiding behind his monster.

I also had the opportunity to visit the boys school for most of a day last week – again, thank you to all those who work with our boys.  We appreciate all you do.  “Aunty Pam” worked with the boys a year ago and while we see each other almost every week, we don’t get the chance to hang out very often.  She noticed a big difference in their interactions and communication – thank you to everyone for your help and support.



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    Thank you so much for visiting. Looking forward to getting to know you and your family. gail

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