What a Wunderful Week 04.16.12

Today we get back to our ‘normal routine’ of getting our boys out the door at 6:30 and our daughter at 8:30 for school.  Being that they are in different school districts,  the boys were on spring break two weeks ago and our daughter this past week, we’ve had two weeks of a somewhat ‘lenient’ schedule versus our usual.   Man it was fun having them home but now I need to get back to being productive.

Accomplishments: We dared the Discovery Gateway in downtown SLC this past week – we wanted to do something special with everyone at home and it’s been a few years since we’ve gone.  It’s honestly, a little pricey compared to other activities we do and I’m always hesitant to plunk down money when I’m not sure how the boys will do.

Discovery Gateway 1 - It's a Wunderful Life Water play

Manipulating the Water Features at Discovery Gateway - love the Michael Jordan Tongue Pose

In all honesty, we had some meltdowns and struggles.  For example, it’s hard when a young autistic kid is learning to wait his turn and other anxious little kids just come running up and jump in front of the entire crowd.  We both took one of the twins and would stay with them for most of the time and fortunately, there were other parents who were also adhering to the lines and taking turns so that was helpful.  The boys did a much better job asking politely and waiting – I was proud of them.  All in all – I think we left at the right time but we got two hours there which I thought was quite an accomplishment.

Discovery Gateway 2 - It's a Wunderful Life

Gotta love the concentration - he LOVED the water exhibits

It’s been neat to watch the kids interact more.  Since this second week my daughter was home, the boys would come home from school and we’d usually have a friend over.  Twin A absolutely worships his older sister – it’s really quite neat to see.  He’ll try and copy what he sees her doing, the way she says things, etc.  I know it drives our daughter crazy but I also think it’s good for him to pick up ‘kid phrases’ and behaviors from her.

Discovery Gateway 3 - It's a Wunderful LIfe

Admiring his creation

Twin B has really been on his Thomas kick again.  Our new thing is taking both boys to the library and letting them pick out a new Thomas DVD each week.  There’s always fights over which one we’ll watch first (drives me crazy) but I love that following the DVD, the boys will end up with a new pretend scenario for Thomas that they act out with their trains. . . . fortunately, we are moving away from the ‘crashing’ and ‘broken tracks.’  Last week, every other minute I’d hear “daddy fix the tracks please!”  That got old quickly.

Library - It's a Wunderful Life

Chillin' at the library reading Thomas Magazines

Tip of the Week: This is a continuation of last week’s Mrs. McNosh post.  I couldn’t find the copies our speech therapist gave the boys and fortunately, my wife found them.  The ‘sh’ and ‘th’ exercises have been great for the boys and we are still progressing through it.  This link (Mrs. McNosh Drawings) will bring up the pdf.  The boys loved the exercises, though one felt that Mr. McNosh looked more like a girl than a boy – pretty funny.

I’ll have my daugther draw them out and we’ll laminate them then we are good to go!  Again, there’s sentence patterns in the previous post and don’t forget a ‘clothesline’ and clothespins to hang everything – clothespins are a common site in our OT lessons so hey, kill two birds with one stone!  Have a great week!


  1. I just started following you recently, so forgive me if this question has been answered elsewhere. Are both twins autistic? Of my 3-yr old twin boys, one is autistic and one is not (although both are Thomas the Train nuts). I’m very curious to read about your experiences…

    • First thanks for following. Yes – they are identical twins and on the spectrum. Technically, their classification is slightly different but nonetheless, both autistic. Are your boys identical? How was the first year with twins? Now – it’s so much easier since they are best friends and instant playmates but man, that first year. . . I don’t remember much

      • Nope. The twins are not identical. As for the first year, everything seemed 100% normal with the both of them but around 15-months or so, we could tell that one just sort of stopped talking and began acting/developming differently than his brother. While they play together now – although still not all of the time – for the longest time, Matt (the autistic one) would go off alone and play; almost purposely avoiding everyone else.

        • That’s too bad – hope Matt’s able to get the help he needs with his autism. If you look through the people who comment on my blog – there’s a number with kids and twins on the spectrum I believe one, allthingsboys.wordpress.com has twins like yours

  2. Cyn said:

    Discover Gateway sounds like a lot of fun!!! Congrats for finding a way for you and the boys to enjoy it. I know it can be challenging but you did it and its another experience that they can add to many others that helps them in the long run. Thanks for the pdf.

  3. Oh, those train tracks! We ended up gluing some of ours down, but left some to build. I did love Thomas though…Sounds like it was a successful Easter break. Glad things are moving along for you!

    • My friend told me the same thing – she glued them all together. I’m considering that. . . . . . or making them magically disappear one day. 🙂

      • If those tracks magically disappear, expect World War III – or at the very least ,a no-hold barred cage match. And I’ll put my money on the twins.

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