“Come Hell or High Water” – Autism

I usually like to watch or read something before I review it so don’t consider this a ‘review’ but more of a “check it out” post on a movie called, “Come Hell or High Water,” its connection to Autism, and a father’s story about a son who changed as a result of the video.

Confession- I love brands and marketing.  I loved studying about companies during my MBA and that continued when I left school.  Now, I have a ‘brand’ confession to make, I love Patagonia.  Raising three kids, two with autism, leaves little in expendable income so I don’t buy anything from Patagonia but the brand is simply awesome.  The company has great product, does everything they can to lead the way in saving our environment, and has an awesome corporate culture.  I mean, what company lets their employees have ‘surf breaks.’  SERIOUSLY ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

If you want to read a great book about “falling backwards” into creating a business and trying to do what is right – read Let My People Go Surfing.  If you want to hear a great podcast from their CEO – here it is!  If you want to receive an awesome print catalog with amazing pictures and stories, subscribe to receive Patagonia’s mail catalogs.

My twins LOVE the water. I wish I had a better picture of them at the beach but here's one of them at the waterfall at Turtle Bay, HI

Now, if you want a story about the ocean and autism – check out this post from Patagonia’s Blog, “The Cleanest Line.”  The post is written by a father who grew up loving the ocean and his story about how watching the movie, “Come Hell or High Water”  transformed his autistic son from deathly afraid of water to loving the water.

The movie is a documentary about bodysurfing, it’s evolution, and it’s connection to nature.     In digging a little more on the movie, I found out there is a story in the movie about a father and son ~ the son being autistic and how the ocean has become his paradise.  I did a post earlier on Clay Marzo – a professional surfer with asbergers who was featured on ESPN among other news outlets – and this movie seems to have a similar story.

At Launiupoko, Maui

This is from a review on tumblr.com:

“The spirituality of all surf sports echoes in one scene, between a father and his son. As the young boy twists and turns in the ocean’s current, he is surrounded by its simple, natural movement and sound. He is nowhere and yet in the most powerful element on earth, using it as a healing source for his autism.”

Now imagine Beau King, a young autistic boy, who struggles through life with (autistic symptoms) constantly in tow, look directly at the camera, his body being pushed through the water by the waves, and smile. And play. And be completely in a world where autism can never exist. Life in the water is inevitably different. It is of the earth at its utmost yet it is nothing that we, as human beings, realize the earth to be. As much as we try to manipulate what life throws at us, either it be nature or the environment or even an illness, we can never understand as the earth and its elements understand. We can never harness, no matter how advanced our technology and our medicine, the feeling an autistic boy feels as he is being swept away by the sea, no other noises or feelings to bother him and nothing to overwhelm him. Just nature in its purest form. He feels the most reassured he might ever feel because his father gave him the opportunity to touch the sea and experience the world. 
All harnessed by a love of bodysurfing.” – http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/come-hell-or-high-water

 Another confession – I was one of the few blessed individuals that can say, “I grew up on Maui” and I absolutely love and miss the beach.   I watched this past summer as my boys took to the beach, daughter picked up surfing, and everything seemed to go well . . . . . except for Twin B’s experience wiping out in the kayak.  There is something special about the ocean and I’m excited to see this movie.  Enjoy ~

  1. My husband and I were able to make it to the movie premier showing at the Patagonia shop in Cardiff, and we simply fell in love with the film. Also got to meet Keith Malloy which was pretty awesome. Highly recommend this film as well!

    • No way! That’s way awesome – so that’s a strong review for the film! We’ve been trying to find it locally but when you are land locked like we are, I think I need to order it or something. Thanks for the recommendation. Also, I know I’ve said it before, but I love your business! SUCH A NEEDED SERVICE! 🙂

      • The film just leaves a big smile on your face. Hope you get to see it soon. And thank you, we love what we do:)

  2. Lisa said:

    My son LOVES water…it is so calming for him. I often wonder if he’ll end up living near the sea some day. Thanks for sharing this…very interesting!

    • Thanks for the comment. My boys love it as well. There’s a great indoor pool by us but when they turn on all the water features, it is really loud and I think, sensory wise, it is too much for my boys. Yeah – I miss the beach and glad they loved it. I know that in the book by Rodney Peete, he also talks about how much water helped his son so I thought the Patagonia post was an interesting one. Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived by the beach? 🙂

  3. Great blog! I heard turtle bay is awesome! The pics are great! My boys sure loved surfing and the way it felt!

    • Turtle Bay is fun – it is a bit out there but taking a slow day off to cruise Haleiwa and hit up the shrimp trucks in Kahuku are always fun. We lived in Laie and worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center for a few years so it was nice to go back. Surfing? That’s awesome!

  4. I am really enjoying reading your blog. So nice to hear about loving families — and to see pictures of Hawaii! 🙂

    • Thank you! If you want more Hawaii stuff – we have a page we started for all the homesick Hawaiians stuck on the mainland. . . . and anyone else who loves Hawaii. http://www.mainlandkamaainas.com or we are on FB. We put up a weekly “Aloha Friday” homesick picture for everyone. Cruel and unusual punishment. 🙂

  5. SJ said:

    I’d never heard of this company before this blog post…then I saw my brother yesterday and he was wearing a Patagonia hat!

    • Hah hah – I bet you’ll see Patagonia everywhere now. Funny how that works!

  6. keliiwunder said:

    Thanks for the link to the podcast… it’s incredible to listen to these and learn how they made crazy ideas work. Think a surf break would work at Hamai? Maybe I’ll have in instituted by the time you make it back home.

    • Thanks man. Surf break would be awesome – like a two week break every winter? Or maybe when surf is up, you and I need to do the warehouse delivery to Paia, Haiku, etc

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