It’s a Wunderful Life 04.09.12

Happy Easter Everyone ~ I am grateful for this holiday and the special meaning it has for my family and I.  We had an outstanding week. The boys were actually on Spring Break and for the first time, I got to beat home for a week with just the boys. . .  I think things went rather well.  It was a struggle getting them to school this morning though – my poor wife.  😦

Ben and Jerry Day: Looks like the awesome Ben and Jerry’s company does a National Free Cone Day for Autism.  I couldn’t find anything definitive on their website about it but still, if you do a simple google search, you’ll find events across the country.    I’ve always loved their ice cream but the fact they’ll do this and not really boast about it is very neat and rare these days.  Thank you!

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day UT

Our family members who came to the Free Cone Day

When our boys’ school asked for volunteers for the Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Day, my wife and I decided it would be fun to also take the kids to help.  We posted it on Facebook and were so happy to see a number of friends and family members come.  What an awesome support group – THANK YOU for all you do for our family!

Ben and Jerry's Free Ice Cream Day 2

Taking a break from passing out flyers

The boys really got into the activities, especially Twin B.  He’d run up to people and yell “STOP” and tell them they needed to get free ice cream and give them a flyer.  It was really fun to watch them and for the most part, see how kind and responsive most of the shoppers were.  Some would walk away to avoid the boys. . . . . .how could you say no to them and to free ice cream?  Too funny.

I thought the boys would throw a fit and want more ice cream but I think they got a kick out of the entire experience – especially handing out the flyeres.   The picture above is towards the end – Twin A was a bit bummed some people didn’t take his flyer so decided to take a break.  I am so glad we took the kids – it turned out fantastic.

Light it Up Blue: We participated in our own little way with Light it Up Blue and the other families / organizations across the world.  I’m collecting pictures of friends / family closeby that have decided to Light it Up Blue as well and will post them in a future post.  If you have some, send them to me!

Getting our Light It Up Blue Bulbs and Home Depot

Getting our Light It Up Blue Bulbs and Home Depot

The picture above is one of my favorites of Twin B. . . . it’s funny how we can get a great picture of one but the other. . . . .well. . . . .  Anyway, the boys made the trek with me THREE TIMES to Home Depot. . . .I forgot my wallet the first time at home and then the second time, left it in the car.  Ugh.

Light It Up Blue

Lighting it Up Blue at our mansion

The boys are so proud of their light bulbs and I love that my daughter thinks it’s great as well.  We had a neighbor come knocking the other day and Twin B chatted on about his blue light bulb and how cool it is.

Tip of the Week:  I don’t want to skip it again this week but I can’t find the copies I was going to scan and post as a pdf.  Anyway, the boys recent speech lesson was a great one – we used the book Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash.  The link goes to and the book is very affordable.  The lesson was great because there’s a number of household items that are used, thus increasing vocabulary.  Also, there’s ample usage of the “sh” and “th” sounds that I know my boys are struggling with.

Speech Therapy - Mrs. McNosh Activity

Speech Therapy - Mrs. McNosh Activity

The pdf I will post (hopefully next week) will be of the pictures used in the activity above.  Our speech therapist had a clothesline and on one end, Mr. McNosh and the other, Mrs. McNosh.  She had the boys pin each item on there and say, “Mr. McNosh is hanging up HIS TV.”  She was getting them to differentiate when and how to use “his” and “her,” work with clothespins (a fave of our OT), use more “sh” and “th” sounds and also increase vocab.  Great activity.

Sporting our Local Motion Tee's

Sporting our Local Motion Tee's

On our last trip to Hawaii, we found matching Local Motion Tee’s for the boys and I at great prices.  Anyway, glad the weather is warming up more.  I think one of the boy’s calls his Local Motion and Maui Built Shirts “Daddy Shirts.”  Have a great week!


    • Thanks! I should take my wife’s camera out but for what I need, my iPhone seems to be the most convenient. 🙂

    • Thanks! It went by way too quickly. I thought we’d run out of things to do during their break but it was quite the opposite – we ran out of days. 😦

  1. I enjoyed reading this post, great job to your twin boys :). I have twins too- girls. Amazing, twins are. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and liking one of my posts.

    • Didn’t know you had twin girls – I liked the recent post you did. Cool picture. Twins are great – been a wild experience but absolutely amazing at the same time

      • Absolutley…i have a few posts on them. It is indeed a wild but amazing experience. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading yours as well. You are an inspiration to me. While working in the field for over 10 years I did not find many fathers that seemed to be as involved as you do. Keep up the good work! I will keep you in my prayers as I have seen it is not an easy road, but it is very rewarding.

    • Thanks for the comment – your recent post caught my attention and I appreciate the help all the professionals and supportive community members give to my kids and the general autism community. It’s been an interesting and very humbling opportunity to be home with my kids – I can see that I really appreciate my boys and they are an inspiration to me. I loved them before but now, it’s so much more. I wish more dads did have that opportunity ~

  3. Thanks for ‘liking’ my post. Your boys are adorable. I appreciate the tip about the speech therapy. I think I am going to look for that book this week for my daughter – she’s not autistic but has a host of other issues causing her to be behind on speech. The clothesline idea is great, she will love that too. Thanks for including those tips. Also my teenage step daughter lives in Maui and brings back Maui Built items for her baby sister. Last Christmas she brought back a little winter Maui Built hat – it was so cute on her. Good stuff. I hadn’t heard of Local Motion before. Glad you were all able to get matching items!

    • Thanks for visiting as well. Hope the tips help – I try and post one every week for people who are looking for more ideas. I’m actually from Maui and I have a bunch of friends in HI who don’t have as much access to services as we do so that’s where I thought I should start this blog. So. . . . where in Maui? I’m from Maui originally and my family is still, for the most part, all there. Local Motion is in Kihei and Kaahumanu Shopping Center – we have a friend who helps run it but we always hit up the sale items and were lucky to get those three shirts. We hope to go back in the summer – my daughter started surfing last year and the boys LOVED the water.

      • It’s fun when the world gets a little smaller. They also live in Kihei. Originally they are all from the midwest, but moved to Kihei about about 10yrs ago (or so). My step daughter flies back and forth 4 times a year here (midwest) to see her father. Her mom still lives in Kihei – she worked in PR for Grand Wailea, then Fairmont KeaLani. Now she is self employed doing social media work for her clients. It would be funny if you know them! Kihei is pretty small so I wouldn’t be surprised. By the way, I’m marking your blog for more ‘tips’ – no pressure! Haha! Just kidding. But I’ll be checking back from time to time. Nice blog, keep it up.

        • I bet we’d run into a common friend sooner or later – Maui is such a small place. Thanks for the pressure as well. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a good week! It’s so fabulous that your boys are getting out there in social situations. Some skills can’t be taught in a classroom, eh?


    • For real right? That’s the sad thing about kids on video games and inside 24/7 now – there’s so much they miss out on! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Cyn said:

    Luv the McNosh Book idea and my son struggles with the same “sh” and “th” sounds too. Great pics especially the one with boys in Home Depot:) What is it when you take photos of siblings its so hard to get them to smile/look at camera etc on cue:)

    • Thank you! Yes – pictures are a TON of fun with kiddos involved aren’t they? Glad the book idea helps – we’ve been practicing some of the sentences at night and it’s been a work in progress. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Love this article, what a fun week! The clothesline idea is a great one, I’ll try and rig something up. One of my sons has been diagnosed with mild autism, and has speech therapy – but its so intermittant here that I really need to be more on to it with his speech. LOVE the blue lightbulbs!

    • Thanks! Good luck with the speech. It seems that the more consistent my wife and I are at reinforcing, the better things go. Our speech therapist really is awesome so I try and share as much as I can.

  7. Free cones for two sweet boys; It just doesn’t get any better! They will remember the day… and so will you!
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

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