It’s a Wunderful Life – 4.3.12

I had a really neat experience that left a profound impact on me ~ the other week at church, we got a request for volunteers to help with an evening for special needs individuals and a number of us signed up.  We were asked to be ‘dads’ for these daughters whose parents couldn’t be in attendance and based on the lessons in Ephesians about the “Armor of God,” we’d all help our ‘daughters’ make their own ‘armor’ and participate in a fashion show.

What a fun activity

I was so impressed by the real dads who were there and their relationship with their daughters.  Also, while our little group only came for this past week’s activity, there were a number of volunteers who are there weekly for the special needs groups – all on their own free time, asking nothing back for their service.  Many of them were young women (probably 40 in attendance), who are juniors and seniors at three of the local high schools. These girls rock ~ they were so supportive of their special needs partners, and were so genuine with their desire to help these girls have a great evening.

To all the dads and individuals who were there ~ thank you so much for your example, service, and allowing me to participate on the limited scale that I did.  Our little volunteer group of dads came to help for an evening, and we all left appreciative of the opportunity to go. . . . . what a special night.

Living Planet Aquarium, Salt Lake City Utah

Hanging out at the acquarium

Accomplishments: Twin A went with his classmates on a fieldtrip to the Living Planet Aquarium.  We contemplated pulling his brother out of school to go as well but realized that they need to have their own time and activities once in awhile.  He LOVED the aquarium – jellyfish in particular.  Since both my wife and I went, it was fun to have 1-1 time with Twin A just by ourselves.  However, it was also great to see him and some of his classmates run around together.  I was also very impressed that he knew one of the other teachers was sick and kept asking about her and this week, has wanted to bring her treats.

On an unfortunate note, my mother-in-law’s kitty passed away.  She’s been around technically, longer than I have in the family and the past week has been hard for my wife and her mom.  The kids and I were home one night before kitty was put down and we were talking about kitty and how we needed to make sure Tutu (grandma) is ok.  So, Tutu was picking the boys up at school the next day and one of the teachers said that Twin B had told them about kitty and how sad Tutu was so they wanted to offer their condolences.  Nice of the teachers.  On that same note,  I was impressed Twin B remembered what was going on in Tutu’s life and that it would be a tough time for her.  Way kool.

The Living Planet Sandy Utah

Tip of the Week: We had a way kool lesson for speech last week but I need to scan the pictures we used.  Great for differentiation from “he” and “she” and working on “sh” and “th” sounds .  I know the boys need this lesson and it’s given my wife and I a ton of ideas for our nightly drills before we go to sleep.  I’ll scan the pictures and send them on next week.

My boys LOVE their iPad and I’m so grateful we were able to get one for them.  Tip of the week comes from a great post that features a number of apps that are on discount for Light it Up Blue.  Here’s a link from a great blog resource I came across.  Have a great week!

  1. Rachel said:

    Awesome post! So sorry about Tutu’s kitty, but so exciting that he remembered! Way awesome!! Thanks for the tips on apps! We are looking at getting an iPad for Aiden to use but we are having trouble finding some good apps that are geared more for learning then just a “game”.

    • Thanks! Our boys LOVE the iPad but yes, I need to delete some of the random games on it. However, I know some of them have helped our boys think through sequencing, cause and effect, etc. I let one of the boys watch a playlist of Thomas Videos I found on YouTube. At first, I thought I should be doing something different, until I realized that he was using those stories as ideas for pretend play on his train table so. . . . . now I don’t feel as bad. 🙂

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today 🙂 I love yours and I thank you for sharing your experiences. I find your perspective to be so uplifting! Our children are our greatest teachers, if we pay attention. I deeply believe that each soul chooses the people they will have as parents because those parents will have what it takes for the child’s soul to learn the lessons they need to learn in this world. Your children chose you and your wife. What an honor! 🙂

    In Peace,

    • Thanks for stopping by as well. Those are great thoughts – I know that since I’ve been able to spend more time with the boys, I’ve grown to really love and appreciate them more. I’m lucky to be their dad and feel extremely blessed with my life. Your comments reminded me of that so thanks very much!

  3. My condolences on the loss of the cat. Our family recently went through that too. How cool that your boys are showing so much awareness of how others are feeling. Thank you for the link for the apps!

    • Sorry about your loss as well. The silver lining (I guess) was Twin B’s empathy which was awesome!

  4. Thanks for liking my post. I’ve been looking at your site for a while and love your perspective.
    You are great to volunteer for something like this when you have so much at home!
    Someday I’ll put up the photos of my daughter with her Dad at their formal dances…what a pair! So very thoughtful of you to do this for those Dad-less girls.

    • Thanks for the comment and for visiting. I felt special to have been in attendance – I think I, personally, got more out of the evening than I could’ve given. Great opportunity. Looking forward to see the pictures. 🙂

  5. Your post today was very touching. Having people like you, the other volunteers and those 40+ girls – wow – you all make the world a better place. It’s so important to have wonderful (wunderful!!!) men in our lives. Something I am acutely aware of in raising three boys as a single mother.

    • Thanks for the comment. It was a cool experience – I contemplated whether I should share it or not but it was such a humbling experience for me – to see great dads with their daughters and then to see the volunteers. I know for the adult leaders of the group, they probably spent HOURS prepping for that one weekly lesson. Then the high school kids – it’s so nice to see their example when most high school kids wouldn’t be caught dead volunteering for service like that. Way cool

  6. Grainne said:

    Your boys empathy for their Tutu touched my heart. ❤ What amazing little guys they are.

  7. So inspiring and I am more than happy to share this with my friends and followers. I too am always happy to see people who are passionate and are very involved in spreading the need for autism awareness. Continue the great work!

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