It’s a Wunderful Life – 3.19.2012

So we went from swimming last Monday to probably sledding later this afternoon – man this ‘spring’ weather is crazy.  The boys had a ‘vacation day’ earlier in the week and since the local school district was still in school, we decided to dare the nearby indoor swimming pool since it would be relatively quiet.

Getting ready to take the plunge

There were only a handful of other kids so the boys were able to enjoy a fun and relaxing few hours at the pool.  I was surprised how well they did, both would jump off the stairs into the water and were careful to not go in areas that were too deep for them.  At noon, they turned on the ‘water bucket’ that fills and dumps water on the play structure every 5 minutes.  It gets really loud in there once the bucket is turned on and I think it was too much for the boys.

From Lehi City Aquatics Center Homepage

The boys also attending one of their cousin’s birthday parties over the weekend.  There were a TON of kids there and, for the most part, both boys did ok until the end.  Twin A seems to like social situations a bit more than Twin B and he did a number of the activities, including the face painting seen below.  He was extremely distraught when, after his bath that evening, his rainbow disappeared.  So neat though to first, see that he’d participate in the face painting, and secondly, that the boys did ok at the party.

Tip of the Week: This is an idea from our OT session.  We shared the ‘pincher grasp & pennies” last week and this week, we’ll share the Connect 4 idea.

This is a travel size Connect Four.  We didn’t play by the normal Connect Four rules, the idea was that the therapist and I would hold the discs for the boys.  They would use little clothes pins to try and get them and then, drop the pins into the Connect Four game.  Obviously you don’t need a Connect Four game to do this, the entire idea is to build strength in their thumbs and pointer fingers.

Have a great week!

  1. Colleen Wunder said:

    you should make that bamboo fishing pole with a magnet at the end and have them pick up paper fishes (with magnets attached to them) Maybe we can make that for the reunion

  2. Lisa said:

    How great that he participated in the face – painting! That’s terrific!

    • I know! Normally that wouldn’t go over so well but it was a great day! 🙂

  3. Grainne said:

    The face painting!!! WOW, my guy would never do that. Your boy looked so sweet with his rainbow. Looks like a great day!

  4. Another great OT idea. Thanks for sharing.
    And I am SOOO jealous of that indoor swimming setup.

    • Thanks! I really like the team working with our boys. Yes, the indoor setup was AWESOME. However, I would much rather be in Hawaii at the beach. . . . . 🙂

  5. Cyn said:

    Wow the swimming pool looks fun but I’m sure my guy would love watching it but the loud noise would have him hiding. He could spend hours in the water too:) Face painting!!!! Congratulations:) but oh no about it washing off.

  6. awww and I was proud of myself for getting my Grandson to grasp the chips and get them into the connect 4 w/o clothespins…ooops seems I have more work ahead! Your boys are so adorable, it’s a joy to hear the love you all have as a family!

    • I’m with you! I didn’t know the ‘next step’ in their progression would be to use clothespins with the pieces but it made sense and it’s something we they did ok on but we can still improve. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Rachel said:

    Loved this post! So happy that they were able to enjoy the swimming & birthday party!! That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing the tip of the clothespins! I never would have thought about that!

    • Thanks for visiting. I didn’t think about the clothespins but it really added a good practice step for the boys.

  8. So impressed by your blog. I love the format–challenges, accomplishments, sharing the OT/speech activities. Really nice sharing of the journey!

    • Thank you for the comment! I hope it helps – the way I see it is everyone is looking for new ideas or things that are working. I think we’re lucky with the school and therapists we have so why not share what they are doing with the boys? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. that’s a great idea for connect 4! I will use that connect 4 idea with some of my clients now. Great for Tripod grasp development, turn taking, and visual perception.

  10. We have that very same water bucket but it is on a bigger tower at our water park. That indoor pool look like a lot of fun.
    Looks like the boys had a fun and busy couple of days. =;~)

    • thanks for visiting. Yes, busy and fun but I guess that’s the best way to do it

  11. introvertedblogger said:

    They are adorable

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