It’s a Wunderful Life – February 27, 2012

Man what a week!  It was great to see the interviews of my wife and kiddos on Fox News UT and I also appreciated the opportunity to meet with other parents as we talked with our State Representatives, thanking them for their support of the Carson Smith Scholarship (link to this entry).

Accomplishments: Our Sunday Mornings can either be an extreme waste of time of extremely productive.  This week was the second as the kiddos all wanted to help us make Pumpkin Bread and Salted Pumpkin Caramels pictured below.  We tried a ‘healthy’ 500 calorie pumpkin bread that I don’t think we’ll try again but the salted caramels were definitely a winner.

Pictured from Pinterest

The boys are, for the most part, pretty careful around the stove and in the kitchen.  We didn’t let them work with anything hot but we did let them add ingredients together, play with the blender, and do some general mixing.  It was neat to do something as a ‘family’ and to see how excited the boys (especially Twin A) got with the activity.

Great helpers!

We took the treats to my sister and her husband’s home for dinner Sunday Night.  I would dare venture to say that another accomplishment was how well the boys did after their initial adjustment at the dinner.  We played ‘hide and seek’ for most of the night and it was fun to see where they started to hide.

This was the most popular hiding place all night

Tip of the Week:  My wife did a lesson last week about ‘trash’ and ‘treasure’ talking.  She wrote different phrases on slips and had a trash can and a small treasure box.  The kids took turns picking a slip, reading it with mom, and deciding if it was a ‘trash’ or ‘treasure’ phrase.  The boys picked up on it quickly and now, I can hear them telling me when I’m saying treasure phrases or, at a few times this week, phrases that were trash phrases.

It became even more apparent that the lesson stuck with them when we were at church yesterday.  One of the leaders was preparing a lesson in front of the group and was talking about heroes and the ‘bad guys.’  Twin B kept vocalizing his concern that she was using trash phrases (even though she obviously wasn’t) and so she switched to the ‘red and blue’ groups instead.  It has helped them when they start arguing about “MY TOY” or when one will tell the other to “GO TO YOUR ROOM.”  Thanks to my wife for a great lesson!

  1. Colleen Wunder said:

    I would like to try the caramels. I like the “trash” and “treasure” talking. We should do that in the youth program. At our last YC meeting, there was a discussion about appropriate slang terminologies

    • Carmels were great! I was singing in the car and was told I’m “trash talking” Hmmm . . . .

  2. Yummy pumpkin bars. We played hide and seek, and have the exact same hamper, and my child chose to hide there, too. What a great idea: trash or treasure phrase. Smart. Great lesson.

    • Thank you! The pumpkin bars were great – the salt really adds a nice touch. Thx for visiting!

    • They were fabulous! The sea salt makes a difference! The boys liked the pumpkin seeds and how they’d ‘pop’ when we were frying them up. Thx for visiting!

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