School Pics – Proud Parent Moment

Remember school pictures?  Man those were stressful times and I found myself thinking the same thing when I found out it was ‘picture day’ for our kids.  We’ve tried to take pictures of all three kids and without fail, one of them isn’t looking.  This past year was the first year we got a decent family picture – most of the time, our family holiday card is a hojpoj of our favorite pictures of the kids.  Thanks to a VERY TALENTED photographer (my sister in law), we got a great family picture (below).  She has other pictures of the shoot on her website.

Wait! Where'd my hair go?

It’s tough enough to get good family pictures but when you add autism to the mix. . . . even tougher. My wife also takes photos and here’s a link to her blog (it’s also on the blogroll) and to get the boys to look at the camera, she would tell them to look at the “monkey” in the camera and ~ this is what we would get.  An incredibly intense look that had me chuckling everytime I opened a picture up.

"Look for the monkey"

This leads up to one of the most touching moments for me this year was getting their school pictures below.


What great looking kids ~ it’s a good thing they take after their mom.  We got these and I couldn’t stop looking at them – they both look so happy and we’ve come such a long way and I thought this picture really captured it.  I was especially happy to see Twin A’s (left) picture – we don’t have a lot of pictures where he is making great eye contact and smiling so this was an absolute treat to see and a “YES” moment for us.

I love my kids – so grateful for my family so I’ll leave with a final picture of the kids.

True Pals

  1. Grainne said:

    What beautiful pictures!!! My little man is the one who is forever looking in the wrong direction when the camera snaps…I have hundreds of pictures of the back of his head. Your family is lovely..the joy is so easy to absorb from these photos.

  2. MB said:

    You have a beautiful family! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am one of triplets, so I feel your pain just on the multiples end (at least from watching my poor mother deal with all 3 of us!). My oldest daughter has Aspergers and she hates having her photo taken unless she takes it of herself. Lovely photos! Have a great day.

  3. Colleen Wunder said:

    I love that pic of twin A? We need copies of those pictures.

  4. gkinnard said:

    Beautiful family! Outstanding photography! As I have a 19-year-old with autism, I understand perfectly how difficult it can get when autism is thrown into the mix of a photo session.

  5. yayoi said:

    What beautiful pictures of your beautiful family!!!! 🙂 It was soooo good to talk with both of you the other day! Please keep in touch!

    • thank you! We miss you and hope to see you and your family one of these days

  6. Ragga said:

    Relate to the “picture problem” COMPLETELY! …particularly with my younger one who always manages to run at the camera at light speed resulting in a picture where we see a extreme close-up to half of his cheek! 🙂 Congratz!

  7. Yall are so beautiful. What a happy family. Love having a chance to “see” what’s going on in y’all’s lives!!!!!


  8. I’m a photographer, and I’ve taken many, many pictures over the years of my son Javier (age 9, with autism!). Up until the age of 7ish, he was a perfect model. I’d get him into the studio and he did whatever I asked. But in the past year or so, his anxiety has taken over and he completely falls apart when the camera is pointed at him…
    Anyway…thank you for visiting my blog! (autismwow)
    Your family is just exquisite – I love that top image. 😉

  9. I am Photographer and I have two ASD children! The thing is I put now pressure on and I have the pictures with them talking and smiling and not looking at the camera and I have gotten lucky a few times and I have gotten a decent picture. I have noticed since I always have a camera in hand that their smiles seem to be fake when they are asked to “Smile” it is not them. So I just play with them and take their picture while playing with them! I love your Blog! And the family pictures are great and I would not stop looking at those school pictures either!!!! 🙂

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