World Cup Soccer Clinic for Kids on the Spectrum

This is awesome – I am so excited that our boys can participate and SO THANKFUL for this opportunity.  This is from one of the parents who has a child in school with The Boys.  She said that her neighbor’s daughter plays on a competitive soccer team and the team wanted to do something for her son and other kids on the spectrum so. . . . they decided to host a soccer clinic!  Talk about an awesome group of girls.

My wife and I have been contemplating putting our boys in a soccer league and depending on how this goes, may do so.  I’ve been playing volleyball with a local group and we usually let the kids run around the sides of the court that we aren’t using.  I’ve watched as the boys have gotten more and more interested in sports – kicking the ball around the court or shooting baskets.  I am so appreciative of these girls from the Red Devil Soccer team here in SLC (check out their Facebook Page or main website).  The clinic is set for May 1st and May 3rd from 3:30 – 4:30pm – location in the flyer below.

The girls actually came to a birthday party for this little boy and they were absolutely fantastic with my twins – even able to tell them apart.  You can send the form (link below) to the address on the flyer or email them to me and I can take them to the school.  PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY!  I’ll see you all there!  GGGOOOAAALLL!!!!!

Red Devils Soccer Clinic Reg

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