A Wunderful Week January 23, 2011

The Year of the Dragon!  Happy New Year to all our Chinese Friends – the best to you and yours this upcoming year.  Well, not only do we welcome in a New Year this week but we also had our first snow in what feels like forever here.  While it only lasted a day, it was nice to see.  Hey – if it’s going to be cold, let’s at least have some snow to play around in!

We had a ‘very normal’ week as far as the boys go.  Next week will be full of upcoming activities including the Utah Symphony Concert and the Charity Fundraiser, both of which were highlighted in earlier posts.  We’ll see you there!

Highlights: The boys have been more independent and are not only helping around the house, but are expressing more activities they want to try.  They both are helpers now at the store and have taken the responsibility (for better or worse in some cases) to take items out of the grocery cart.  They also are helping with some of the cooking around the house.

Making Homemade GuriGuri

If you have been to Maui – the boys have a favorite island treat is called Guri Guri.  The store, Tasaka Guri Guri, is located at the Maui Mall not far from the Kahului Airport.  Here, Twin A is anxiously awaiting the finished product.  It’s amazing how fast that stuff disappears when we make it.  Both boys, well and our daughter to, have helped make it and enjoy making a mess with the ingredients.  We’ve got a version that is almost exactly like the strawberry version back home!  Email me if you want it!

Ice Skating at the Olympic Oval

The twins have been suggesting new things to do – “kangaroo bounce place” and “ice skating” have come up frequently so. . . . . a few weeks ago we tried ice skating at the US Olympic Oval in SLC.  One of the boys loved it . . . . the other went around a few times but decided he’d rather sit and watch everyone after that. Gotta love GroupOn – I’m always hesitant to fork over money when I’m not sure how the boys will react but we got a family pass for the Oval at 50% off on GroupOn over the holidays so hey – can’t beat that!

Phrase of the Week: “Hey Mom, howzit going?”  – said by Twin B as a greeting to Mom one morning.

Tip of the Week: Our OT’s use theraputty with the boys for a variety of exercises to strengthen their hand muscles and get them more accustomed to the ‘pincher grip’ – which will aid in everything from writing to eating.  The boys are getting better at using utensils while eating and also, using the proper grip with writing.  Amazon.com sells a number of theraputty options.

We use a variety of play dough and another form which I believe it’s called ‘foam dough’ at home.  However, the thing I like about the theraputty is that it’s more resistant than the two we use so it provides more of a workout for the boys.  My biggest pet peave about play dough is that I always end up finding little tiny pieces of it stuck to the table or on the floor – the theraputty cleans up nicely and is more durable in that sense as well.

Theraputty Marble Exercise

Our OT Specialist has a series of exercises she goes through with the boys.  In the one above, she gives them the theraputty in a big ball and has placed a number of marbles and other objects in the theraputty for the boys to find.

Theraputty OT Exercises

After finding all the marbles, the boys then spread the theraputty out and roll it into a ‘snake’

Theraputty Exercises - Cutting

The boys then take a scissors and cut the snake into pieces.  Afterwhich, they will put all the pieces back into a ball, put the marbles back in, and begin the cycle over again.  For those of you exercise enthusiast – it’s an OT version of circuit training that personally, I need to be more consistent with at home because this is something the boys enjoy and they’ve been showing steady progress in.

Keep warm!  Thanks for reading!

  1. Colleen Wunder said:

    I like the tip of the week and I like the photos-who took them? It clearly shows whats going on

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