Jan 26, 2012 – Utah Symphony Concert for “Special Needs” Individuals

I am going to put a plug in here for our awesome dentist – Dr. Lorscheider at Lone Peak Dental. He and his office staff are top notch and won ‘extra cool’ pts with us when they rented out theaters at Thanksgiving Pt and invited their patients for a private viewing of Harry Potter! The office staff came dressed up and it was a fun morning! See them for all your dental needs! 🙂

In as much conversation as you can possibly have while a dentists works on your cavities, we got on the subject of the twins having autism and he introduced us to the Utah Symphony Concert.

Utah Symphony and Orchestra - picture taken from their webpage at http://www.usuoeducation.org

The Utah Symphony and Utah Opera host a “special needs” concert once a year at the Capital City Theater in Salt Lake City. The concert is roughly an hour long and it is understood that those in attendance may not be quiet or attentive for the duration of the concert.

We ventured and took the kids last year for what turned out to be a great evening. Our older twin, especially, loved the music and that led us to chance taking the kids to see Peter Pan at BYU a few weeks later. We saw Peter Pan on the same night that BYU played SDSU in Basketball – it was in the middle of Jimmer Fredette mania and two top ten teams playing a nationally televised game, so the theater wasn’t as full as it usually is. We were able to get seats on the front row despite making last minute reservations! The kids LOVED it!

At the Utah Symphony Concert at Capital City Theater

While the concert is free to all in attendance, registration is required and it was pretty full last year so please check it out and sign up quickly! If you are coming let me know! We hope to see you there! Happy New Years to everyone!


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