When I first heard our twins had autism, I didn’t understand what that meant.  I had heard of ‘autism’ but that was about it and that started my journey into the autistic world.  I am no expert nor am I in any way qualified to speak on autism but. . . .this is our journey from a dad’s perspective.

I remember spending a ton of time late at night or during down times at work searching through the internet and looking for as much as I could about autism.  I believe that while this helped me ‘understand’ a bit more what autism is, I still was left struggling to relate to my kids and what they would be going through.  More than anything, I wanted to find sources that would talk about day to day life with autism and how to be a better parent for my kids.

That’s what I hope this does for someone else out there who is a little overwhelmed by the responsibilities of not only being a parent and now, taking on another responsibility that let’s face it – can either be a source of joy or an additional burden and stress.

I’ll introduce the boys in future posts and hope to share not only our experiences, but other resources or ideas that I find along the way.  Since the boys have already celebrated a few birthdays, I’ll do short recaps on our journey so far but honestly, I don’t know what this blog will look like but anything that I find helpful, interesting, or amusing – I’ll be sure to post.

Like I said in the “About” page, my only goal with this blog is that if you are up late at night looking for experiences with autism and learning more about “what life is like” helping children with it, that you’ve found a blog that provides you with some insight to your questions. . . . and helps you sleep easier.  🙂

  1. said:

    You are aikawarazu so nice! Maybe that’s why the boys came to you. Ganbare papa! I will come back and read your findings.

    • Thanks Tomoko! I think it’s more their mother that deserves those thoughts. Happy Holidays – akemashite omedeto!

  2. What a “wunderful” picture of your twins. You captured such a joyful moment. My son was officially diagnosed this week. As you probably know, doctors spend a lot of time asking what is “wrong” with our children when preparing a diagnosis. It can be so disheartening to list the problems and issues. But when they finally ask about strengths, I always mention that my son is often full of smiles and laughter. I hope that the same is true for your twins. It sure looks that way from the picture. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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